The following are disorganized and incomplete draft pages of various microscopic plants, animals, protozoans, etc... found under my microscope. I will use the term "microbe" to refer to life forms best seen through a microscope. I have tried to show these microbes in their natural environments with a slight flare for art rather than emphasising the scientific side.
I hope that you will return repeatedly to view my progress.You will be truly amazed by the videos (which will come later) of these fascinating creatures. No doubt you will find errors in the nomenclature and you can assist me by pointing out the errors with corrections.
Please remember that all the material on my web sites is copyrighted and can not be copied by anyone without written consent from me. I will consider selling copies of the images, without duplicate rights. Yours truly, Richard

Microbes 1

Kingdom Protista, Subkingdom Protozoa, Phylum Celiophora, Subphylum Polyhymenophora, Class 2 Spirotrichea, Order 6 Odontostomatida

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