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Forest Foragers for your natural and wild foods, herbs, crafts and things.

My name is Richard  and my friend is Brenda. We are grandparents living in the north-woods of Maine, 50 miles from anywhere but wilderness. Here, natural resources are plentiful and money is scarce. We forage the wilderness for 90% of our medicinal herbs, 25% of our plant foods and 90% of our craft supplies. We enjoy foraging so much that we offer our services to you and others who have a need for  wild , natural plants and craft supplies but have limited time or ability to forage as we do. If  we can't bring the wilderness to you, we will at the very least bring you a vicarious visit and, perhaps, a gift of nature!
We do not personally hunt or kill animals. We harvest road kills and may market legally taken animal products from hunters or trappers. We may also legally purchase animal parts from meat processors and are licensed as dealers.
We harvest from the unpolluted forest and fields any legal and non-endangered plant in quantities which do not adversely impact on the fauna or flora. Although we have categorized plants according to popular uses for purposes of  presentation we do not classify plants on the basis of toxicity or potential use and assume that you are informed. We exercise utmost caution in the proper identification of any plant and harvest for optimum purity and quality. All plants are processed by natural drying, roughly-cut according to parts desired and sold by dried weight. The list of  plants and other materials is not meant to be exhaustive but indicative of the flora and materials available in this area. If you have a special need, let us know. We do not generally have a volume business of any particular plant, and therefore have a very limited impact on the environment. We prefer to have an extensive variety of natural products.

Listed prices are only suggestive due to the complexity of maintaining such a dynamic web pages. Respond by indicating your needs by e-mail and we will promptly respond with an updated price quote. I do not list a phone number because I am deaf and communication by phone is difficult. I will try and get your orders to you as soon as I can--usually seven work days.

All pictures and writings on the site are copyrighted. by the author.

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Richard (owner) at the Naturalist Shop

I welcome any suggestions to help me provide a better service or product. Please don't be cagey, share your needs--let me serve you better.

Brenda with baskets of goodies--boletes, lobsters, chanterelles

To Order

Please verify the availability of the items and costs by sending me an e-mail  at  or or contact me at:: Richard Nadeau, P.O. Box 337, Stratton, Me. 04982

If one e-mail doesn't work, try the other. Sometimes a server is down

In general, for under 13 ounces in the U.S, the S&H will be $11.50 and for orders above 13 ounces add $3.00 for every pound except for foreign destinations and very large or heavy orders in which case I will need to research the cost. To pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal, log on to Paypal and deposit payment to my email account using my address and send me confirmation of the deposit. Add $3.00 to the order to cover for the Paypal service. Otherwise, to order send a personal check (up to 10 working days to clear) or other negotiable money order or currency (shipping within 2-14 working days) in the amount of the order plus S&H to Richard Nadeau, P. O. Box 337, Stratton, Maine 04982



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