Northern White Cedar bark

Northern White Cedar bark

Cedar bark is priced according to size and quality according to the following basic formula:

Number of square inches divided by 9 + S&H

A piece 5" x 7" or 35 square inches will cost (35 divided by 9 ) $3.80 plus shipping

write me an e-mail  to get an estimate of shipping costs.

Remnants or odd-and-end pieces are a mixture of various sizes and thicknesses and quality. This is an excellent buy for many crafts projects or for herbal uses. This is sold by weight at $6.00 per pound + S&H

In general, for under 13 ounces in the U.S., the S&H will be $11.50 and for orders above 13 ounces add $3.00 for every pound except for foreign destinations and very large or heavy orders in which case I will need to research the cost. To pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal, log on to PayPal and deposit payment to my account using my address and send me confirmation of the deposit. Add $3.00 to the order to cover for the PayPal service. Otherwise, to order send a personal check or other negotiable money order or currency (shipping within 2-14 working days) in the amount of the order plus S&H to Richard Nadeau, P. O. Box 337, Stratton, Maine 04982


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