Animal Feet

goose  feet

dried $10.00 /each +S&H

porcupine feet

Preserved in alcohol $10.00/each +S&H

bear feet

I currently have a complete set of black bear feet with claws taken from a young 180 lb (dressed) animal

salted $35.00/each foot + shipping

beaver feet

In alcohol $16.00/each +S&H

deer (lower leg)

salted $16.00/each +S&H

duck feet

Dried $12.00/each +S&H

hare feet

Dried $16.00/each +S&H

moose (lower leg) feet

salted $22.00/each +S&H

Mallard Duck feet

$6.00 per foot +S&H

Partridge feet

$6.00 per foot +S&H


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