Spruce and Other Connifer Tree Gums

Spruce gum is $9.50 per ounce without the box + shipping

If you want a real Voyageur or  American Indian experience, you have to try the Spruce Gum. It became the first commercial gum. It was very popular in the Spruce-growing areas and people made all kinds of small boxes in which to carry the spruce gum in their pockets. This is definitely not for denture wearers (or maybe, ladies)--but then, the Indians did not wear dentures because they chewed Spruce Gum! If you are new to this, here's how to do it: Put the lump of gum in your mouth (it doesn't look very appealing at this stage--don't worry, it's antiseptic and 100% safe) and break it up into a granular and strong-tasting substance. At this stage it is somewhat distasteful but resist the temptation to spit it out. In this granular form it will merge with saliva and be warmed by your mouth. Keep chewing for about four minutes without spitting. You will notice that it becomes less granular as you chew. When you have a sizable lump which holds together, then spit out the juice and the impurities, which separated out, and keep chewing. You will spit out another 4 times before it is purified and great! After this period, take it out and look at it. It will have a beautiful color and taste great. It will now be good for about 30 minutes of terrific chewing and is the greatest tooth cleaner you can get. You can swallow the juice. It is antiseptic and medicinal and will not harm you in any way. After 30 minutes of chewing it becomes harder to chew and eventually becomes granular again and needs to be discarded. I don't understand why but this gum helped me stop smoking and relaxed me when I have felt stressed. I strongly recommend this as the very best thing that can happen to your mouth and you.

Robert Morton says:


Send by air or birch-bark canoe!

Growing up, camped in Maine every summer

Moved west, lost touch ... what a bummer

Glad to hear you've still got some

So get to packing we want some Gum."

This box is approximately 4.5 inches long, 1.75 inches thick, and 3.75 inches high. It contains 2 ounces of Spruce gum and sells for $25.10 plus shipping

Another smaller box contains 1 ounce of gum. It measures about 4" X 3" X1.5" and sells for $15.00 plus S&H

This case of 28 small wooden , gum-filled boxes sells for $81.00 wholesale plus shipping.

These attractive 1.75 inch cubic boxes come as seen with edges sanded or square. They each contain about 3.5 grams of Spruce gum nuggets and sell for $3.00 each plus shipping.

Close up of above. Note the sliding dovetail cover

These boxes are being made in different formats and will vary until we can determine customer preferences. Some will be unprinted as seen in the case box above. If you have a particular preference, please let us know.

Gum from Red (also known as Norway or Cathedral) Pine, Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, White Spruce and Northern White Cedar is also available.

Northern White Pine gum , Red Pine, White and Blue Spruce as well as Norway Spruce gums are $21.00 per ounce.. Northern White Cedar  gum is $29.00  per ounce. Include S&H.

Gift Boxes for the Spruce Gum are also available in Birch as seen at: birch log and other boxes


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