River Pebbles--Maginal Stones

The legend  of this Native stream  from Snow Mountain says that if a lover gives a stone to the other, it will measure the degree of love from the giver as well as the love, fidelity and intentions of the other by his /her willingness to carry the stone--the size of the stone measuring the depth of love. On the other hand, if the person giving the stone is too demanding as judged by the weight of the stone, it indicates to the partner the degree to which the other is unreasonable, jealous and demanding. Too heavy a burden is to be avoided lest one be a slave.

The color of the stone reflects the desired mood , emotion  and expectations of the  participants. Purple and bright Red for heat and passion. Light blue for cool and cautious. Light brown for firmness , steadfastness and permanence. Green for dynamism, change and activity. White for purity and intention. Black for  absolute and total submission. As you can imagine, combinations of colors represents their qualities. A stone has to be carefully chosen for the qualities desired. A stone need not be carried on the person to bless its owner. Onre who uses the stone on his /her desk as a paperweight is blessed each time he/she touched it or even gazes on it.

Stones also have properties to heal the spirit from failure, hate, stress, depression, addiction, loneliness. Simply rubbing the stone or gazing on it imparts these benefits.

You may order these stones by speecifying the qualities desired as well as by color, size and description.

The image following shows some of the stones which come in all sizes and colors

Please be patient in downloading the image--it is a very large file.

Stones sell for $0.22/ounce or $3.52/ pound plus shipping.

Send an email to me, Richard Nadeau, at nado@naturallist.com or nado@tdstelme.net indicating your interest and for information on availability and total price.

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