The colorful Dahlia, which is indigenous to Mexico and Central America, has gained popularity all over the world as a flower. They are the star of the show whether they are planted in your garden bed or exhibited as cut flowers. The several kinds offer options in shape, size, and color to suit any style ..

When they hear the word daisy, most people think of a flower with white elegant petals, a bright yellow center, and contrasting dark green leaves. And the second thought is probably a childhood memory when, after ripping the head from the stem, they would play “loves me/loves me not” by removing the petals one by ..

Known in botany for over 3000 years, Her Majesty The Lily is one of the most revered and, for many, the most beautiful flower in the world. With its fragrant, funnel-shaped blooms of irresistible elegance, the lily flowers have always attracted attention, and tenderness and innocence have been their consecrated elements for thousands of years. ..

If you’re a lover of the color pink, then you are going to love this article. Here, we will be looking at several types of pink flowers that you can find in nature. These pink flowers will help you recognize them and will also teach you how they grow and what type of flower it ..

Flowers are beautiful because they are colorful and fragrant. They attract insects and pollinators to make food for themselves. Flowers are also attractive because they are symmetrical and orderly. This symmetry helps us understand the structure of the plant. Flowers also have a shape that attracts our attention. This is why we notice the beauty ..

In some areas of Nigeria, temperatures can soar up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. For many of us, temperatures like this might seem like a death sentence for our plants, but there are dozens of flowers in Nigeria that not only survive but thrive in this heat.  If you’re interested in learning more about the kinds ..

We live on a vast and beautiful planet, where many different countries trade in natural resources such as crops, minerals and flowers. Because of this, we now associate different flowers with different parts of the world, although some countries are still overlooked.  Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine was once a part of the Soviet Union ..

Lithuania is a country that’s famous for many things – a fascinating history, a rich cultural heritage, a great language, and an absolutely beautiful country full of amazing people! Of course, Lithuania also has some of the most beautiful flowers in the world! In fact, it’s rather famous for its flowers – considering just how ..

Panama is home to an enormous variety of beautiful and unique Panamanian flowers. The rich volcanic soil in the country provides the perfect fertile ground for flowers of all kinds to grow. So much so that more than 10,000 species of native plants in Panama can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is ..


In an ideal world, the soil in your garden would provide all the nutrients your plants require. However, in reality, your lawn, garden soil, and the plants that grow in it often need a little help from human hands. That is where fertilizers come in. If you want the largest yields and the highest quality ..

Only a small percentage of the 70 to t80 known species of poisonous mushrooms are truly lethal if ingested; nonetheless, several of these fungi have a startling similarity to edible mushroom species and are thus highly hazardous. Continue reading to gain further insight into these harmful poisonous fungi and how you can identify them. RELATED: ..

In this article, I will discuss the primary distinguishing features between palm and coconut trees, which will help you tell them apart. Maybe it’s not as hard as you’re making it out to be. Let’s talk about coconut tree vs palm tree. Photo Credit While all palm trees share many characteristics with coconut trees, only ..

Pumpkins are produced for their foliage, fruits, and seeds and may be grown in most climates. The versatile seasonal gourd is known to have many uses, as both food and decorations can be made out of them. But how long does it take for your pumpkin plant to grow? Photo by mk. s on Unsplash ..

You may have wondered here as an already adept hydroponic gardener. You may be thinking to yourself as to what other plants you may add to your clusters? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as in this article, we’ll be talking all about growing ginger hydroponically!  Credit: Instagram (@nita_singhs_dil_ki_baat) Technically speaking, the ginger itself ..

Most people may agree that peppers bring color and flavor to meals and gardens, whether you favor mild bell peppers or hot ghost peppers. Moreover, they are not challenging to work with or care for. But, is pepper fruit or vegetable? But what precisely are peppers? Do you consider them to be vegetables or fruit? Are ..

Believe it or not, those who have never seen a palm tree are surely familiar with its appearance. Most people believe that a palm tree and a coconut tree are interchangeable because palm trees produce coconuts. They belong to the same family of plants but are two separate species. In this article, let’s talk about coconut ..

The Corn Plant, scientifically known as Dracaena fragrans, is among the well-known house plant, with beautiful and elegant, shiny, attractive foliage. This plant is a broadleaf evergreen and perennial blooming plant with distinctive white-yellow stripes around gray-green centers on its leaves. In this article, let’s talk about corn plant care. Photo Credit A young Dracaena ..

Imagine waiting for the strawberry harvest season only to discover that something has drilled ugly holes in your strawberries. The neighbors hear you screaming. WHO DID THIS? Well, slugs could be the culprits you are looking for. Slugs attack ripe strawberries and leave rough holes that render the fruit inedible and unmarketable. That’s not it, ..