50 Fantastic Different Types of Blue Flowers (Including Pictures)

Love the color blue? Or is there an empty patch in your garden bed that would look better with a spread of blue flowers?

Perhaps you are just looking for some blue flowers to give as a gift to someone special (who loves blue flowers).

50 Different Types of Blue Flowers

Whichever it is, we have listed all the most beautiful types of blue flowers below!

The following are different types of blue flowers from all around the world. We have listed fifty in total, so you can be sure to find a blue flower, or several, from this list that stands out to you.

So, for your perusal, here are 50 different types of blue flowers.

1. Cornflower

Blue Cornflower

Cornflower, also known as bachelor’s button (botanical name Centaurea cyanus), is purply blue in color, native to Europe, flowering annually throughout spring, summer, and fall.

2. Sweet Pea

Blue Sweet Pea

Sweet pea, botanical name Lathyrus odoratus, has pink, purple, and blue varieties, native to Italy and the Aegean, flowering annually throughout June and July.

3. Iris

Blue Iris

Iris, its name taken from the Greek Goddess, is a flower species that is predominantly purple and blue in color. It is native to the Mediterranean, flowering each spring and summer.

4. Blue Star

blue star

Blue star, also known as amsomia tabernaemontana (botanical name), is a perennial flower of varying shades of blue. It blooms in late spring and early summer.

5. Delphinium

Blue Delphinium

Delphinium is a genus of bold blue and purple flowers with over 300 species altogether. It is native to the Northern Hemisphere and flowers annually just before summer.

6. Love In A Mist

Blue Love in a Mist

Love in a mist, also known as old-fashioned annual flower (its botanical name Nigella damascena), is a spring and summer-blooming flower in white, pink, purple, and light blue.

7. Grape Hyacinth

Blue Grape Hyacinth

Grape hyacinth, botanical name Muscari armeniacum, is native to Eurasia with bulbous blue petals that resemble small grapes. It blooms during April and May. 

8. Lobelia

Blue Lobelia

Lobelia has over 400 species altogether, most of them blue, purple, pink, and red, native to warm/tropical regions. It blooms in summer, as well as later in fall.

9. Gentian

Blue Gentian

Gentian is another flower with hundreds of species (over 400), native to Europe, Asia, America, and New Zealand. It flowers annually, boasting beautiful dark blue petals.

10. Oxford Blue

Oxford Blue

Oxford blues, also known as Mediterranean sea holly, or Eryngium bourgatii (botanical name), are bluish purple flowers native to the Mediterranean region.

11. Clematis

Blue Clematis

Clematis, also called leather flower, has over 300 species. These flowers can be pink, purple, or blue, native to the UK and flowering late spring or early summer.

12. Himalayan Blue Poppy

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Meconopsis betonicifolia, better known as Himalayan blue poppy, is easily distinguishable by its unique, bright blue petals. It is native to the Himalayas, blooming each spring.

13. Flax

Blue Flax

Flax flower, botanical name Linum usitatissimum, is a native to Western America, blooming from May to September. It is purply blue, as well as dark pink, in color.

14. Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangea is native to America and Asia – mostly China, Japan, and Korea – blooming from spring to fall. It has over 75 species, which can flower in pink, red, purple, and blue.

15. Periwinkle

Blue Periwinkle

Periwinkle, named after the shade, is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its botanical name is Vinca minor, blooming from spring to fall.

16. Forget Me Nots

Blue Forget Me Nots

Forget me nots, Myosotis scorpioides (botanical name), are a popular bright blue flower that is native to Europe. It starts flowering in May, lasting until October.

17. Perennial Geranium

Blue Perennial Geranium

Perennial geranium blooms from spring to mid-summer. It is native to Eastern North America, flowering in various shades of dark pink, burgundy, lilac, and purply blue.

18. Morning Glory

Blue Morning Glory

Morning glory has more than 1000 species, blooming late in August (sometimes September) in colors of purple and pink, but mostly blue. It is native to America and South America.

19. Harvestbells

Blue Harvestbells

Soapwort gentian, better known as harvestbells, are a purply, soft blue flower that is native to North America. It blooms late, typically at the end of summer or the start of fall.

20. Lily Of The Nile

Blue Lily of the Nile

Agapanthus, or Lily of the Nile or African lily, is a purple and blue flower native to South Africa. It blooms throughout summer, thriving in full sunshine. 

21. Columbine

Blue Columbine

Columbine, or Aquilegia, is a perennial purple, pink, or soft, light blue flower that blooms throughout the season of spring and summer. It is native to Canada.

22. Bellflower

Blue Bellflower

Bellflowers (botanical name campanula) are dark purple and blue flowering plants native to Europe, blooming specifically in June and July.

23. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle (echinops)

Echinops, but better known as globe thistles, comprise 120 species of Asteraceae flowers. Native to Europe, these bluish dandelion-like flowers bloom annually in early summer.

24. Monkshood

Blue Monkshood

Monkshood, often called wolf’s bane and aconite, are flowers of the Ranunculaceae family. These dark purple and blue flowers bloom in June and July, native to Britain.

25. Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy

Felicia amelloides, blue daisies, or blue felicia, are native to South Africa, blooming throughout the year in various shades of blue.

26. Empire Blue Butterfly Bush

Empire Blue Butterfly Bush

Empire blue butterfly bush (botanical name Buddleja davidii) is native to the UK, flowering from August to September. They are a dark-blue purple color.

27. Ipomoea Lobata

Ipomoea Lobata

Ipomoea lobata, better known as Spanish flag, blooms in mixed colors, including hues of blue, from July. It is native to South America.

28. Lupine

Blue Lupine

Lupinus, better known as lupine, or bluebonnet, has around 200 species native to North and South America. Lilac, purple, and blue, these bloom from late May to August.

29. Salvia

Blue Salvia

Salvia is more commonly called sage, a purple flowering plant with bluish shades that blooms both in summer and fall. It is native to the United States. 

30. Blue False Indigo

Blue False Indigo

Blue False Indigo, also blue wild indigo (botanical name Baptisia australis) is native to North America, flowering throughout the year. It is a purple flower that can also appear blue.

31. Veronica Georgia Blue

Veronica Georgia Blue

Veronica umbrosa, or Veronica Georgia blue (sometimes called speedwell), blooms early spring in bold shades of blue and purple.

31. Glory Of The Snow

Glory of the Snow

Glory of the Snow (Chinodoxa lucilae) is a blue flowering plant with small starfish-like petals. It flowers in early spring, native to Turkey.

32. Passionflower

Blue Passionflower

Passionflower, botanical name Passiflora incarnata (also known as maypop, wild apricot, and true passionflower), is a unique-looking flowering plant that can be purple or blue.

33. Desert Bluebells

Desert Bluebells

Phacelia campanularia, more commonly known as desert bluebells, are an elegant flowering plant with a deep blue color, blooming each spring in the Mojave and Sonoran deserts.

34. Anemone

Blue Anemone

Native to most subtropical parts of the world, Anemone flowers (windflowers) are a lovely blue color (also light purple), blooming in early spring.

35. Scabiosa

Blue Scabiosa

Scabiosa are also called pincushions, which can be red, purple, or soft blue in color. They bloom from July spring, native to multiple continents, including Europe, Africa, and Asia.

36. Harvestbells

Blue Harvestbells

Harvestbells, also called soapwort gentian (botanical name Gentiana saponaria) are native to North America, blooming in bright hues of blue and purple each summer.

37. Sea Holly

Sea Holly

Sea holly flowers, botanical name eryngos (or eryngium), are native to Europe and America, notable for their spiky blue petals. Sea holly blooms from summer to fall.

38. Lungwort

Blue Lungwort

Despite the name, lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis), is a lovely blue and purple flowering plant that appears early spring. It is native to Europe, particularly Sweden.

39. Blue Mist Shrub

Blue Mist Shrub

Blue mist shrubs, also blue spirea and bluebeard, are a hybrid plant (not native to any region or country) that flowers in late summer. It is a bluish purple color.

40. Aster

Blue Aster

Aster is a small flower that looks like a daisy, blooming in colors of white, pink, purple, and light blue. There are many species of Aster, which appear from late summer to fall.

41. Balloon Flower

Blue Balloon Flower

Platycodon grandiflorus is more commonly called balloon flower, bluish purple in color and native to East Asia. This elegant, five-petaled flower blooms in the summertime.

42. Chicory

Blue Chicory

Part of the Asteraceae family, chicory (botanical name Cichorium intybus var. sativum) is a soft blue (almost lilac) flower, blooming from late June in Europe, China, and more.

43. Mountain Larkspur

Blue Mountain Larkspur

Mountain larkspur is mostly a purple flower that can also bloom in a charming royal blue. It is native to the mountains of Western USA, blooming at the start of fall. 

44. Siberian Squill

Blue Siberian Squill

Scilla siberica, or Siberian squill, is a blue flowering plant native to Russia (despite its name). It blooms from early spring.

45. Birdbill Dayflower

Blue Birdbill Dayflower

Birdbill dayflower (botanical name Commelina dianthifolia) is native to East Asia and Southeast Asia. Its petals are a pastel blue color, which bloom each summer.

46. Viola

Blue Viola

Violas, sometimes called violets, are blue, purple, yellow, and white flowers (mostly blue and purple) native to Eastern North America. It blooms in early spring and late winter.

47. Blue Hibiscus

Blue Hibiscus

Alyogyne huegelli, commonly known as blue hibiscus, is native to Western Australia and a deep blue in color, flowering in late spring.

48. Poor Man’s Weatherglass

Poor Man’s Weatherglass

Scarlet pimpernel (anagallis arvensis) is a blue (and also orange) flowering plant, better known as poor man’s weatherglass. It is native to Europe.

49. Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth

Hyacinth, short for its botanical name hyacinthus, is a flower native to the Mediterranean. It can be white, pink, blue, or purple, flowering mostly from mid-spring.

50. Blue Orchid

Blue Orchid

Blue orchids are beautiful orchid flowers that are also quite rare (to find in blue). They are native to countries such as Peru, Brazil, and Colombia, blooming in the fall. 


Seeing as you made it this far, we are sure you agree that blue flowers are among the most attractive flowers to look at! Whether you were looking to beautify your garden or find the perfect blue flowers to give as a gift, we hope you found this list helpful.

Morgan Daniels