33 Awesome Burgundy Flowers (Including Pictures)

The color burgundy is rich and enticing, with an air of mystery and hidden depths to it. It is definitely not a color to be taken lightly. It makes an impact in floral arrangements and in gardens blessed with burgundy flowers.

It’s a deep, dark maroon with higher levels of purple and brown undertones. There are some types of black flowers that are burgundy when you look at the flowers against sunlight. The cooler the climate where a burgundy variety grows, the darker the shade of burgundy it gets.

33 Awesome Burgundy Flowers (Including Pictures)

Burgundy blooms are associated with luxury, passion and sophistication. They work well in festive fall tablescapes for Thanksgiving, especially alongside apples, berries, and other fall fruits.

Of course, such a passionate color is often desired at weddings and other celebrations, because the richness of burgundy is like sipping fine wine.

It makes life seem that much more multi-layered and intense.

Let’s look at some burgundy blooms!

1. Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Where rose flower arrangements are concerned, there is a magnificent range of colors to choose from. The shrub rose Burgundy Iceberg belongs in the Floribunda class of roses.

This rose has a medium intensity burgundy with a deep pink hue to it, especially in the more central petals.

2. Burgundy Wine Anemone

Anemones are circular blooms, with fragile petals surrounding a black center. The center is filled with fuzzy florets and this adds dimension and interest to the bloom.

The petals can be a rich burgundy with deep indigo undertones or move more towards a deep blue purple.

3. Burgundy Seeded Eucalytpus

This is not a natural color for Eucaplypus, but is Seeded Eucalyptus sprayed with Design Master Color in burgundy. It really does have an impact and works well alongside other burgundy flowers in a floral arrangement.  

4. Burgundy Wine Ranunculus

These truly gorgeous flowers, also known as Persian Buttercups, have cup-shaped blooms with intricate layers of thin petals that appear to swirl out the center.

The petals have a sultry shade of burgundy with red and purple undertones. The overall effect is moody in a passionate and alluring way.

5. Burgundy Hybrid Lily

Burgundy Hybrid Lily

This wonderful, glossy lily has multiple blooms per stem. The sheen and the shape of the petals makes for a rather startling beauty that will certainly grab attention.

6. Vixen Mini Gerbera Daisy

Being a daisy, there’s a dark eye to the bloom. These Vixen Mini Gerbera Daisies have deep burgundy petals in a nice regular format. A charming bloom that carries the burgundy hue well.

7. Burgundy Hydrangea

The flowers are large and delightfully burgundy; tending more to the purple side of burgundy. The color may vary depending on time of the season. Hydrangeas love water and easily wilt in humid conditions.

To revive them, take the stems and put them upside down in a bucket of clean water overnight. Their love for water means cut hydrangeas work best with a water source and won’t thrive in floral foam arrangements.

8. Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid

Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid

With several deeply colored, large blooms per stem this is a stunner of a blossom. It has been considered an aphrodisiac, largely because it has such a distinctive look about it.

It certainly is a sexy little number that adds pizazz to gardens and floral arrangements.

9. Burgundy Helleborus

Burgundy Helleborus

This blossom has a definite romantic look to it and is available in beautiful soft colors. The flowers are sensitive to bacteria building up in their water source, so ensure that vases are clean and the water fresh if you have cut blooms of this gorgeous plant.

They don’t do well in floral foam arrangements because they need a direct water source.

10. Velvet Wine Dahlia

Velvet Wine Dahlia

Velvet Wine Dahlia flowers have deep, intensely colored petals that can be a deep wine color or a rich burgundy. With such wonderfully ruffled petals and deep, mysterious hues you could just dive into these blooms!

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11. Burgundy Gladiolus

The Burgundy Gladiolus is more on the red side of burgundy. It is a striking bloom with a number of blooms on each stalk. The plant adds height and glamor to the garden and in flower arrangements.

12. Blackberry Scabiosa

A rather unusual flower that is really beautiful. The bloom has a deep, eggplant purple center with matching petals. The petals are tipped with white, adding dimension and interest to the flower. 

13. Burgundy Freesia

Burgundy Freesia

There are single and double-flowering Freesias and many varieties have a pleasant light fragrance.

The Burgundy Freesia looks fragile and really should not be knocked or touched too much. The simple design, rich burgundy petals and yellow center make this a very eye-catching plant.

14. Safari Sunset Leucadendron

Safari Sunset Leucadendron

Safari Sunset Leucadendron is not a flowering plant but it has much to add to the burgundy fiesta. Deep green leaves are tipped by rusty red and umber and blend beautifully with so many other flower hues.

15. Deep Impact Burgundy Oriental Lily

Deep Impact Burgundy Oriental Lily

Fragrant and very attractive, Deep Impact Oriental Lilies bring a lot to the table. Lilies look great in bouquets and tall vase arrangements. In gardens, well, they just shine in splendor!

16. Black Bacarra Red Rose

Black Bacarra Red Rose

What a mysterious beauty this is! A deep and rich red bloom, with a hint of black on the edges. The velvety texture just adds to the sensual delight.

17. Chocolate Burgundy Cosmos

Chocolate Burgundy Cosmos

Cosmos are native to Mexico. This bloom has a unique burgundy color with the sense of rich chocolate swirling through the hues. The plant may look delicate, because its stems are prone to breaking, but it can grow in the wild.

18. Burgundy Hypericum Berries

These bountiful deep burgundy berries work fabulously in floral arrangements where they add depth and texture. They also up the pleasure of any garden vista.

19. Red Yarrow

Red Yarrow

Although more on the red side than the burgundy, this Yarrow can be very useful in conjunction with burgundy. It adds something to gardens too because the clusters of blooms are compact and attractive.

20. Burgundy Black Dahlia

Burgundy Black Dahlia

A stunning Dahlia with rich dark burgundy and chocolate hues intertwined on the petals. The decorative globe-shaped flowers are almost black and provide atmosphere and a sense of suspense to a garden or flower arrangement.

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21. Black Magic Rose

Black Magic Rose

This is a hybrid tea rose bred from the climbing rose Guinee. At first, the Black Magic Rose produces black buds but once it opens up and fully blooms, the petals turn into a gorgeous rouge.

22. Burgundy Black Mini Calla Lily

Burgundy Black Mini Calla Lily

A beautiful flower with large, trumpet-shaped blooms that rest on long, smooth stems. The Calla Lily is often called ‘magnificent beauty’ and this dark purple to burgundy Mini Calla Lily lives up to the name. It can look almost black in dim lighting.

23. Burgundy Fancy Carnation

The Carnation is always a pretty addition because of its ruffled petals and close display and this burgundy variety is superb.

24. Nobbio Burgundy Carnation

Another delightful burgundy Carnation the Nobbio Burgundy has purple hued burgundy petals edged in a pale pink.

25. Burgundy Gerbera Daisy

Burgundy Gerbera Daisies are hardy blooms. They have a blackish center and then varied tones of reddish burgundy in the petals. The feathery touch of the petals adds interest.

A few speckled tints of white in the center, and the structure of the central petals, add dimension. The wine colored petals weave in and out of each other. This gerbera has a specific flow to it.  

26. Black Prince Succulent

Black Prince Succulent

This gorgeous specimen cannot help but get attention. The deep burgundy tones are striking and the whole effect is wonderful.

27. Burgundy Red Amaryllis

Burgundy Red Amaryllis

There is a sensuality to this bloom with its deep, red wine hue. The shape and color make this a bloom to notice.

28. Raspberry Burgundy Feather Celosia

Raspberry Burgundy Feather Celosia is a romantic filler in floral arrangements. The plumes of deep raspberry pink flowers on top of stems and leaves that have a hint of pink and red running through are most attractive.

Fluffy and soft, the texture of the blooms is also pleasing, either in the garden or in a vase.

29. Burgundy Snapdragon

Burgundy Snapdragon

With multi-bloom clusters, this beautiful flower adds height and abundance to its surroundings.

30. Burgundy Red Peony

Burgundy Red Peony

Peonies begin with small, tight buds, but quickly start to unfurl into distinctive, cloud-shaped blooms. The ruffled petals feature a rich blend of burgundy, wine, and true red tones. A blissful flower!

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31. Blooming Red Peach Blossom

Blooming Red Peach Blossom

Delicate red blooms cover the branches in a delicate flurry. The effect is entrancing.

32. Burgundy Lady Slipper Orchid

Burgundy Lady Slipper Orchid

A tropical flower with a unique moccasin shape and pouch-like lips, this Burgundy Orchid will get people talking.  A sight to behold!

33. Dark Chocolate Arthurium

Dark Chocolate Arthurium

This exotic Anthurium Dark Chocolate Tropical Flower is truly stunning.  The leaf-like bloom is a rich and deep shade of chocolate with burgundy hues. The leaves look waxy and add textural tones.


It’s no surprise whatsoever that burgundy is a popular color. It evokes such deep feelings of glamor, rich splendor and opulence. There are many blooms that have a burgundy variety. You are literally spoilt for choice!

So, if you fancy some mystery, passion, romance or just ostentatious luxury, then you should seek out some of these sumptuous burgundy plants for your garden.

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