21 Stunning Crimson Flowers (With Pictures)

If you like your reds rich and deep with a tendency towards the purple side of the color spectrum, then crimson is an excellent choice.

Crimson has some very powerful religious connotations. In the Bible, crimson symbolizes the presence of God and the blood of martyrs.

21 Stunning Crimson Flowers (With Pictures)

Humility and atonement are also connected with color.

Crimson is the liturgical color associated with Pentecost. Crimson flowers are often given in the context of passion and the mysteries of the heart.

Of course, crimson is bound to bring blood to mind, but usually in the sense of a racing, passionate pulse!

If you want your garden to burn with passion and color, then have a look at some crimson flowers and visualize. Or perhaps you need inspiration for a floral bouquet?

Whatever your reason, have a look at these gorgeous crimson flowers and just enjoy their beauty!

1. Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover

The Crimson Clover plant is a wildflower that belongs to the Legumes family of pea and beans.

It is often used as a beautiful cover crop because it helps to enhance soil and attract pollinators to a garden or meadow.

The simple and defined shape of the blooms gives them a certain grandeur.


2. Crimson Tide Gerbera Daisy

Crimson Tide Gerbera Daisy

With large flowers that resemble sunflowers, these crimson-colored Gerbera Daisies are the fifth most popular flower in the world and it’s easy to see why.

They are simply splendid! Gerbera Daisies are associated with romance and the expression of feelings.


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3. Cockscomb (Celosia)

Cockscomb (Celosia)

In 1767 Thomas Jefferson referred to a flower that looked “like the Prince’s feather”.

The crested form of Celosia appears to have combs that are furrowed and lobed; they bring to mind the head of a rooster.

The plant is also known as a ‘Wool Flower’. It is certainly an exquisite plant that can really up the ‘wow factor in a garden or floral arrangement.


4. Tritunia Crimson Star Petunia

This plant has been seen as a symbol of hope. The star shape and the banded appearance of the flowers make quite a splash. The flower itself is simple but bold.


5. Crimson Spider Orchid

The Crimson Spider Orchid has five long spreading petals and sepals that radiate out around a broad down-curled labellum or ‘lip’. There’s a single longleaf.

The flowers are a deep shade of purple/red. The scent is said to be reminiscent of a hot motor, which makes both the appearance of these plants and their fragrance unique.

This is an endangered plant, so, if you happen to have one, take good care of it, please.


6. Aster Novi-Belgii Crimson Brocade

Aster Novi-Belgii Crimson Brocade

Known as the Michaelmas Daisy, the Crimson Brocade Aster is a perennial plant that is usually used on borders in gardens. It has dark green leaves that are elliptical, smooth, and shiny.

The crimson blooms come in clusters of semi-double petals. Aster means ‘star’ in Greek and refers to the shape of the flower. The Novi-Belgii part of the Latin name means new Belgium.

New Belgium was the old name for an area in New York where this flower was first seen. In Greek mythology, the flower is associated with undying devotion.


7. Chrysanthemum Crimson Glory

Chrysanthemum Crimson Glory

A symbol of joy and beauty before winter arrives. The chrysanthemum is the official birth flower of November. The Chrysanthemum is in the Asteraceae family.

A woody-based perennial, the plant is aromatic. The leaves are pinnately lobed and the blossoms come in diverse forms. This Crimson Glory Chrysanthemum has a wonderful rosy crimson color that cannot help but improve its surroundings.


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8. Double Hyacinth Red Diamond

Double Hyacinth Red Diamond

The bell-shaped Hyacinth is said to represent play and sport.

The Double Hyacinth Red Diamond is a fully double Hyacinth. Multi-petals are tightly packed and held on thick string stems.

The blooms have a delightful fragrance and are a deep crimson and very fetching.


9. Alstroemeria Royal Velvet

A symbol of friendship and mutual support and, some belief, great for attracting new friends. Sumptuous, dusky crimson blooms that are rare and unique.

The speckles in the center add verve.


10. Anemone Bordeaux

Anemone Bordeaux

With velvet petals of such glorious crimson color and a deep blue center, this Anemone is superb. Many paintings have this gorgeous flower gracing the canvas.

Anemones are seen as a symbol of love and are very popular in wedding arrangements.


11. Deep Crimson Calla Lily

Deep Crimson Calla Lily

A symbol of admiration and courage and perfect where passionate love is concerned. The leaves are etched in the same deep crimson as the ornate blooms.


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12. Royal Crimson Sweet Pea

Royal Crimson Sweet Pea

This is a fragrant blossom, associated with blissful pleasure. The Sweet Pea can be traced back to 17th century Italy.

The Royal Crimson Sweet Pea has larger blooms and more flowers to a stem than some other Sweet Pea variants.


13. Everett Crimson Freesia

Everett Crimson Freesia

Freesias are the official seventh-anniversary wedding flower. They are said to represent innocence and friendship.

Freesias have been a popular choice for wedding bouquets since the 1950s because they’re a symbol of trust between two people.

Freesias are deciduous perennials and have erect, linear to narrowly lance-shaped leaves. The flowers are wonderfully scented.


14. Poinsettia, Christmas Star Or Christmas Flower (Euphorbia Pulcherrima)


Associated with Christmas cheer and celebration, this is a popular plant. However, it is rather particular about its care.

The bold and striking blooms cannot help to remind you of the festive season.

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15. Crimson Hellebore

Crimson Hellebore

Helleborus is a unique addition to any floral display. They have a certain grace and presence and the Crimson Hellebore is deeply hued and sumptuous.


16. Begonia Double Crimson

Begonia Double Crimson

A wonderful bloom, associated with gratitude and individuality. The dark red blooms and ruffled, spade-like, foliage make these plants really stand out in gardens.


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17. Crimson Carnation (Dianthus Carophyllus)

Crimson Carnation (Dianthus Carophyllus)

Colorful blooms that emit a fabulous, sweetly spicy scent, this carnation, or Flower of the Gods, as carnations are known, makes for a unique focal point.

It’s a traditional border Carnation that bears an abundance of deep red blooms above a spreading clump of evergreen, blue-green foliage.

The stiff stems of this hardy perennial make it perfect for bouquets and floral arrangements.


18. Crimson Cardinal Vine

This is a climbing vine that is very popular with hummingbirds and other birds, but not, strangely, the cardinal bird.

The twining stems grow quickly up an arbor, trellis, or fence. A profusion of small, red trumpet-shaped flowers growing on dark stems makes this an attractive addition to any garden.

Native to North America, Asia, South Africa, and the West Indies and a member of the Morning Glory family.


19. Crimson Glory Rose (Rosa)

 Rose (Rosa)

This is a climbing hybrid tea rose with a damask scent. The very large, double, deep crimson blooms are breathtaking and it’s easy to see why this red rose is the ultimate symbol for romance.


20. Girard’s Crimson Azalea

Girard’s Crimson Azalea

A sign of elegance and wealth, this flower goes down well at weddings. The bulbs are fragile, so should not be touched or moved.

The Girard’s Crimson Azalea is a small and compact shrub. The foliage is dark green and slightly elongated.


21. Crimson Beauty Canna Lily

 Canna Lily

Large dark red flowers with pink highlights and elegantly reflexed petals make this bloom a sight to behold. The lance-shaped leaves with a fine dark rim add to the impact.



A bold color that demands to be appreciated, crimson makes a statement. It’s decisive, daring, and powerful.

Whether your crimson flower tends to be purplish or rose red, the crimson hues are rich and resplendent.

Remember that crimson does have connotations, so be careful who you give your bouquet of smoldering crimson blooms to as they may think it a sign of passion! Hearts have been known to race when in the company of crimson!

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