29 Awesome Dark Green Flowers (With Pictures)

When most of us think of plants, there is one color that springs to mind: the lush, dark green flowers are so often associated with foliage and the natural world.

Within this, there are a huge array of shades and tones; dark, deep emerald greens, bright, vibrant limes, warm teal, sunny turquoise, faded sage…and almost everything in between. Green is a color that it is easy to associate with the natural world, especially when it comes to trees.

Dark Green Flowers

In addition to traditional plants, however, there is another area in which shades of green really shine and show their full potential, and this is in the world of flowers.

While many of us will reach for shades of red, pink or white, dark green flowers can offer something a little extra special to your floral arrangement or garden – and there are a huge range of flower types to choose from, as we will see below!

1. Green Rose

Green Rose

Botanical name: Rosa

A common favorite, the bellflower gets its name from the distinctive bell-like blooms that hang from the stem, and flowers come in a range of vibrant blue shades, including delicate baby blue.

According to symbologists, bellflowers are thought to represent gratitude and humility, making them a nice addition to any garden, bouquet, or arrangement of cut flowers.

2. Green Hellebores

Green Hellebores

Botanical name: Helleborus viridis

Offering stunning flowers from February right through to May, the leathery leaves of the Green Hellebore are a dramatic and eye-catching contrast to the delicate, thread-like petals for a unique finish and design.

As an added bonus, the hellebore is rich in mythology and mystery, so this is a great way to add something a little extra to your garden!

3. Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid

Botanical name: Cymbidium

Orchids have a reputation for being tricky, but the Cymbidium variety is one of the easiest options to maintain, and will offer gorgeous dark green flowers right through the winter months.

4. Green Chrysanthemum

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Chrysanthemum

Known colloquially as “mums”, chrysanthemum flowers are popular in many gardens across the nation, but a dark green shade offers a unique addition to your visual landscape.

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5. Envy Zinnia

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Zinnia elegans

Also known as “youth and age”, the envy zinnia is an ideal option for those who are living in hot locations, or places where rainfall is scarce – they have the wonderful property of being resistant to drought!

You can enjoy blooms every year – these start as bright lime green, and gradually fade to a rich, dark shade.

6. Green Daylily

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Hemerocallis

With elegant, trumpet-like petals and small strings in the center, the Green Daylily is an eye-catching sight, and its beauty is only exacerbated by its fragility – the blooms will only last for a single day, and so you will need to make the most of them where you can.

7. Green Dianthus

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Dianthus barbatus

A popular perennial, the Green Dianthus is distinguished by a unique, spicy scent, and they take their place as members of the carnation family with an almost fuzzy, round appearance.

8. Green Star Gladiolus

Green Star Gladiolus

Botanical name: Gladiolus hortulanus

Tall and proud, the Gladiolus is guaranteed to capture attention for all the right reasons, and is easily identified by distinctive ruffled “spikes” to create dark green flowers.

9. Bells Of Ireland

Bells Of Ireland

Botanical name: Moluccela laevis

Sometimes referred to as the “Moluccela Balmis”, the Bells of Ireland get their name from their unique dark green, bell-shaped flowers, allowing you to bring a little joy and fun into any outdoor space.

10. Hypericum Berries

Hypericum Berries

Botanical name: Hypericum androsaemum

Also known more commonly as “St John’s Wort”, the small oval-shaped flowers of the plant closely resemble berries, and play a key role in a number of stunning bouquets and floral arrangements.

As an added bonus, this is a flower that is said to have a number of healing properties, and is recommended in the treatment of conditions such as PMS and even depression, proving that flowers can be useful as well as beautiful.

11. Green Anastasia Spider

Green Anastasia Spider

Botanical name: Dendranthema grandiflorum

A single glance will tell you where the Green Anastasia Spider gets its name from – this is a variety of the daisy family, and can be identified by long, thin petals – almost like spider legs – which look amazing when arranged into a stunning bouquet or display.

12. Green Goddess Lily

Green Goddess Lily

Botanical name: Zantedeschia aethiopica

Also known as “Arum Lily”, this is an ideal option if you are looking for something simple and elegant. The dark green blooms have the added bonus of being easy to grow in containers for a stunning indoor display.

13. Green Cockscomb

Green Cockscomb

Botanical name: Celosia

A key member of the Amaranth family, the Green Cockscomb comes in a wide range of shades – but the deep, rich greens are arguably the most striking and memorable.

14. Hydrangea Annabelle

Hydrangea Annabelle

Botanical name: Hydrangea arborescence ‘Annabelle’

Charming and elegant, these stunning blooms add something a little extra to the beauty of your typical hydrangea, and are guaranteed to enhance the beauty of any garden or outdoor space.

The flowers are small and the heads are larger – ideal for filling your landscape with a sea of breathtaking beauty.

15. Flowering Tobacco

Flowering Tobacco

Botanical name: Nicotiana

Perhaps a less well known or enjoyed option, the flowering tobacco is a truly enchanting and intoxicating addition to any garden or outdoor space. Blooms can range from a pale green – almost white in tone – right up to the darker emeralds at the other end of the scale.

In addition, the jasmine-like fragrance is an amazing addition to a hot summer afternoon.

16. Green Tulips

Green Tulips

Botanical name: Tulipa

Tulips are amongst the most popular of flowers – and it is easy to see why, with their tall, elegant flowers and stunning combinations. While pinks, reds and whites tend to be amongst the most popular, these blooms look their best when they appear in a deep rich green.

17. Angelica


Botanical name: Angelica

The Angelica flower does more than simply look lovely – it also serves a number of other functions and is a master of multitasking!

Also known as wild celery, the roots are a delicious addition to a green salad or tasty aromatic tea, allowing you to use the whole of the plant and enjoy the satisfaction of zero waste.

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18. Green Clematis

Green Clematis

Botanical name: Clematis Florida Alba Pena

A classic climber, the Green Clematis will fill your garden with flowers all through the summer months and into the autumn, as they bloom from June right into October. The best known options are a creamy white, but why not try a deep green shade for something a little different?

19. Viridiflora


Botanical name: Rosa chinensis

As the name suggests, the Viridiflora is known for its striking, vibrant shades of green, and boasts a reputation as one of the oldest types of roses on the planet.

They are scentless and grow without petals, making the perfect pick for those who want something unique in their garden.

20. Greenflower Indian Mallow

Greenflower Indian Mallow

Botanical name: Abutilon sandwicense

Endemic to the island of Hawaii, the Greenflower Indian Mallow is the ideal option for bringing a touch of the tropical to your outdoor space – even if that happens to be located in the depths of standard suburbia! With gently dropping petals, delicate heart-shaped leaves, and a range of green tones to choose from, this is a unique beauty and very striking to look at.

21. Dahlia

Dark Green Dahlia

Botanical name: Dahlia

Another popular option is the Dahlia, and once again, choosing a unique shade of green can be the perfect chance to add your own unique twist onto this stunning classic.

Dahlia’s also have the added bonus of being able to resist most cool weather – while not frost-hardy, the tubers do protect the plant from the worst of harsh winters and low temperatures.

22. Carnations


Botanical name: Dianthus caryophyllus

Sometimes referred to as the “clove pink”, carnations come in a variety of colors and shades – including a stunning, deep emerald green.

This shade makes it the ideal choice for a range of St Patrick’s Day festivities and celebrations, and many examples of decor, bouquets and floral arrangements that are created to mark the event will take care to include green carnations as a centerpiece or specific point of interest.

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23. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Botanical name: Orchid cypripedium

Native to Britain, the Lady’s Slipper Orchid is one of the rarest wildflowers to uncover, and this is largely a result of the unique and tricky growing conditions. A single Lady’s Slipper Orchid can take up to ten years to grow and, once they have reached maturity, many plants will offer only a single bloom.

This makes them a target for thieves, and enjoying these stunning flowers is a rare treat you need to savor.

24. Mediterranean Spurge

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Euphorbia characias

For something stunning and low maintenance, the Mediterranean Spurge is an ideal option, and offers an evergreen flower that will decorate your garden all year round, with minimal effort and maintenance on your part.

As an added bonus, the plant is resistant to drought, making it ideal for regions that are dryer and receive less rain. Blooms go from a darker green up to a lighter neon shade as you get closer to the top of the plant.

25. Jack In The Pulpit

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Arisaema triphyllum

With a hooded flower and tall, proud petals, the Jack in the Pulpit is eye-catching for all the right reasons, and is just unique enough to add a great talking point to your space, without distracting from its natural beauty. This is a must-have if you are a fan of more unusual flora and fauna!

26. Gerbera Daisy

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Gerbera

Daisy flowers have a reputation for being cheerful, bright, and adding a light hearted feel to any space or garden that they are planted in. The Gerbera daisy is no exception, and a rich, deep green tone is an ideal addition to your beds and borders.

As an added bonus, the flowers really last when they are cut, and this makes this type of diary a great addition to your home throughout the year – we all know that flowers are just what you need to cheer up any room!

27. Lady’s Mantle

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Alchemilla

With small clusters of tiny yellow and green flowers, Lady’s mantle is a stunning addition to your garden, and looks its best when you grow bunches of multiple plants together in a single, large mass – the ended result is a sea of stunning color, and these will look amazing when paired with other garden plants and deep green flowers to create a breathtaking floral landscape.

28. Ranunculus

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Ranunculus

It is easy to see why Ranunculus flowers enjoy such a popular status – these stunning rose-like flowers are rich in color, offering something a little different to your garden.

They look amazing when included as part of a freestyle floral arrangement, and offer stunning blooms year after year – all with minimal maintenance on your part!

29. Thistle Eryngium Green

Dark Green Flowers

Botanical name: Eryngium armatum

When you are thinking of unique plants to spruce up your garden, a thistle may not automatically spring to mind, but you could be missing out if you exclude these pretty green blooms!

Great for adding textures and contrast to your space, this is a unique plant that is also super attractive to wildlife, bees and butterflies – ideal if you are trying to make your garden a haven for small creatures!

Final Thoughts

Getting to know a little more about green flowers broadens your horticultural horizons, and unlocks a whole new world of possibilities and potential.

Sadly, there is no way that we can include each and every dark green flower on the planet in our list – especially as there are likely to be plenty that haven’t even been discovered yet!

Now that you have a great selection, why not carry out a little more research to discover what else there is to unlock!

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