The Best March Birth Flowers (With Pictures)

March is the official start of springtime. It commences the end of the gloominess of winter and promises bright, sunny and warmer days ahead.

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Those that are born in March, there is more than enough reason for a celebration of life and birth.

If someone you know is celebrating a birthday in March, you can never go wrong with giving beautiful flowers as a gift.

Try and make it more sweet and unique by sending the official birth flower for March – the daffodils. Here is a quick guide below about those captivating blooms. 

Birth Flower For March: The Daffodil Flower

The iconic daffodils are one of the first few perennials that bloom in spring. These trumpet-like flowers signify that warmer and brighter days are just around the corner.

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Especially with their cheerful and bright yellow petals. Due to this, daffodils are often associated with rebirth and new beginnings.

Additionally, daffodils are also labelled as narcissus, jonquil, lent lily and daffadowndilly. ALthough dainty daffodils are commonly yellow.

There are daffodil varieties that present flowers that are white, pink, orange, apricot, lime green, or a combination of any of these colors with white or yellow. 

Due to its impressively beautiful inflorescence, the March birthday flowers are heavily prized worldwide.

Daffodils play an essential part in the history and culture of several cities and countries around the globe. For example, in Wales, daffodils are considered the national flower and a symbol of faithfulness. 

These flowers are seen worldwide due to their ability to rebloom year after year.

Daffodils are also very prominent in China as they are a symbol of luck and prosperity because they flower around the duration of the Chinese New Year.

As it is a symbol of hope, the daffodil is an official emblem of cancer charities in many nations. 

Daffodils also symbolise chivalry, happiness, friendship, modesty and respect. Additionally, they are the official 10th wedding anniversary flower.

However, it is important to note that this birth month flower should be given in a bunch and not as a single bloom.

Although daffodils are a symbol of good fortune, legends say that a single daffodil bloom can bring a stroke of bad luck. 

Birth Flower For March: Gift Guide

Do you know someone that is celebrating a March birthday? Struggling to think of a gift?

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There’s nothing more of a personal gift than a bunch of charming and cheerful flowers for that special someone.

Unsure on what kind of flower to get? Here’s a quick guide on the perfect March birthday flower gift.

Perhaps you are also thinking of sending a “thank you” and “congratulations” to add to your March birth flower? We have that covered too!

March Birth Flowers For Your Mom

The charming trumpet like March Birth flower symbolizes new beginnings which makes it an even more suited birthday present for your mom. 

Image by Annie from Pixabay

The flowers’ vivid yellow colors are another plus as they represent feelings of happiness and imply respect to your mom by giving her these daffodils.

Potted daffodils are your best options when it comes to giving them to your mom as these will last longer than cut flowers on her special day. Narcissus “Pipit” or Jonquil Daffodils and the “Tete-a-Tete” variety are some examples. 

On the other hand, “Tahiti” daffodils make excellent cut flowers with their large, vivid yellow blooms and sturdy, long stems.

March Birth Flowers For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

The colorful blooms of daffodils will bring delight to anyone, especially on their birthdays.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

If your wife or girlfriend has their birthday in March, one way to let her know that you care, is to give her a bunch of flowers. 

Although there are countless varieties available, the Narcissus “Bridal Crown” could be one of your best picks with its fragrant, double cream-white flowers.

A second well known daffodil is the “King Alfred”, which is a trumpet daffodil known for its striking yellow flowers. 

March Birth Month Flowers For A Grandparent

It is impossible to go wrong with white daffodils. They feature this fascinating appeal that transcends simplicity, elegance, and pure love- similar to our Grandparents.

Image by Ralph from Pixabay

If you would like to show some love to your loving grandpa, grandma or both grandparents on their birthday, then do it through a bunch of white March birthday flower daffodils or mixed colors of these blooms. 

In terms of white daffodils, you can try the Narcissus “Toto”, a dwarf daffodil with star-shaped flowers. Another excellent white daffodil cut flower is the Narcissus “MInnow” variety, which holds five small flowers per stem.

March Birth Flowers For A Friend Of Colleague

As daffodils are a symbol of friendship, this makes them a great choice as a birthday gift to your friends and colleagues.

Image by Petra from Pixabay

These impressive pants have several varieties so you have numerous options to find one that is perfectly suited for your friend’s personality.

You could decide to opt for cut flowers like the “Dutch Master” daffodils with yellow golden blooms.

The “Mount Hood” daffodils with whote flowers and long stems, or the “White Lion” daffodils with white and yellow double flowers. 

Potted miniatures may be a better choice for those friends or colleagues of yours that have a green thumb.

Examples of these include the “Jack Snipe” daffodils with fragrant cream-white and yellow flowers and “Peeping Tom” daffodils with vigorous yellow blooms.

Final Thoughts

This article hopefully should have given you a full in depth knowledge of March birth flowers! Understanding their symbolism as flowers can help you to provide a great gift for someone you love.

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