20 Gorgeous Orchid Plants (Including Pictures)

Orchids are beautiful plants that come from tropical climates. They are known for their colorful flowers and exotic scents. The orchid plant is also very useful because they produce oxygen through photosynthesis.

There are over 20,000 species of orchid plants around the world. Some of them are grown commercially for their beauty and fragrance. Others are cultivated for medicinal purposes.

There are several types of orchid plants, such as epiphytic, terrestrial, and lithophytic. Epiphytic orchids live on trees, rocks, or other surfaces. Terrestrial orchids grow on soil. Lithophytic orchids grow on stones.

The most common type of orchid plant is the terrestrial orchid. These plants can be found in many parts of the United States including New York, Florida, California, and Texas.

Terrestrial orchids have a long history of use by humans. Some people believe that orchids were used to decorate the ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Today, orchids are still popular among gardeners and landscapers. Many people enjoy growing these plants at home because they are delightful to introduce to your garden too.

20 Gorgeous Orchid Plants (Including Pictures)

What Are Orchids?

Orchids are beautiful flowers that come in many colors and shapes. They grow in tropical climates and are native to South America. Orchids are popular among florists because of their intricate beauty.

There are over 20,000 species of orchids worldwide. Most of these species are found in tropical regions, such as Asia, Africa, Australia, Central America, and South America.

Orchids are used for medicinal purposes. Some orchids contain chemicals that can be used to treat certain diseases. For example, one type of orchid plant contains chemicals that can be used against malaria.

Orchids can be grown indoors or outdoors. Indoor orchids require less sunlight and water than outdoor orchids do. Outdoor orchids require more sunlight and water than indoor orchids do.

Indoor orchids are usually smaller than outdoor orchids. This is because they don’t receive as much sunlight as outdoor orchids do, so they must use energy to produce food instead of photosynthesis.

Some types of orchids are poisonous. These include the following:

  • Cattleya orchids
  • Epidendrum orchids
  • Phalaenopsis orchids
  • Paphiopedilum orchids
  • Vanda orchids

However, let’s get into the variations that are available to purchase and grow!

1. Cattleya Orchids

Cattleya Orchids

Cattleya orchids are large-flowered orchids with a wide variety of flower colors. There are about 2,500 species of cattleyas.

These orchids are commonly seen in botanical gardens. They are also available for sale at nurseries and online retailers.

Cattleya orchards are easy to care for. They need little maintenance and thrive in bright light. However, if you want to keep your orchids alive during the winter months, make sure you provide adequate lighting.

You should also check your orchids regularly. Look under leaves and stems to see whether there are any insects or pests. If you find anything, remove it immediately.

2. Catasetum Orchid

Catasetum Orchid

Orchids can be found all over the world. Most orchids grow in tropical climates. However, some orchids can be found growing in cold regions. For example, Cattleyas can be found in South America.

Other types of orchids can be seen growing in Europe, North America, and Asia. Some orchids can grow up to 10 feet (ca. 3 m) tall. 

The largest known orchid was discovered in Peru. It weighed nearly 1 ton!

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3. Brassavola Orchids

Brassavola Orchids

This type of orchid typically has green or white flowers, with extremely narrow petals. There are at least 20 species of this one particular orchid, and they are extremely fragrant in the evenings, mostly.

Many people think that orchids smell sweet. This is true if the flowers are open. But, when the flowers close, they don’t smell sweet anymore. 

Orchids are not only beautiful but also useful. They have been used by humans for centuries.

In ancient times, orchids were used to create perfume. The word “perfume” comes from the Latin word “per fuminem”.

4. Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The phalaenopsis orchid has long, thin, feathery leaves. Its flowers are very colorful. It can grow up to 3 inches high, and you will notice that its flowers change color throughout the day. 

They start red, then turn yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and finally white. And they can last for several weeks after flowering. They are small orchids that look like miniature roses.

They come in many varieties. Some are single-petaled, while others are double-petaled.

There are about 200 species of paphiopedils. Most are native to Africa and Madagascar, and they are popular plants for beginners!

5. Cycnoches Orchid

Cycnoches Orchid

Cycnoches orchids are often called spider orchids. They have tiny, delicate flowers on their branches.

Their flowers are usually pale pink or lavender, although other colors are available, most cycnches prefer full sun. They do well in soil rich in organic matter.

If you plant them outside, make sure you protect them from extreme temperatures, because they are extremely sensitive to frost.

6. Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidiums are orchids that have large, showy flowers. Their flowers are typically yellow, orange, or red. And they are very popular among collectors because of their size and beauty.

Most Cymbidiums have a bulbous base, and they are commonly grown as houseplants.

Because they are so attractive, they are sometimes planted in gardens. You can buy these bulbs online or in nurseries.

7. Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobiums are orchids with thick, fleshy roots. They have an abundance of flowers.

And they are easy to care for. Because they are not very picky about soil conditions, they can be planted almost anywhere.

But, they need plenty of light. If you live in a shady area, try planting your dendrobiums near a window.

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8. Eria Orchid

Eria Orchid

Erias are orchids that grow in tropical climates. They have a strong fragrance.

These orchids have a wide variety of colors. They can be found in shades of brown, black, gray, and even white. And some eiras have different types of flowers. 

For example, there are ones that have just one flower, and others that have two.

9. Epidendrum Orchids

Epidendrum Orchids

Epidendrums are orchids that are native to Central America. They are known for their huge blooms.

Some have a single flower, while others have multiple flowers. The largest epidendron ever recorded was over 10 feet (ca. 3 m) tall. 

You can find this type of orchid at specialty stores. It requires lots of sunlight, and it likes moist soil.

10. Ludisia Orchids

Ludisia Orchids

Ludisias are orchids that resemble cacti. They have several long, slender stems that branch off into many smaller stems. 

Each stem is covered by a leaf. These orchids also have beautiful flowers. But, they are not fragrant.

The leaves of ludisias are similar to those of succulents. So, if you want to keep your ludisias looking healthy, water them regularly.

11. Lycaste Orchids

Lycaste Orchids

Lycastes are orchids that bloom all year round. They have bright, colorful flowers.

You may see them growing in the wild. Or, you may find them in a garden. They are very hardy and require little maintenance. They like good drainage, but they don’t mind being planted in wet areas.

12. Masdevallia Orchids

Masdevallia Orchids

Masdevallias are orchids with long, thin, waxy leaves. They have small, inconspicuous flowers.

They are native to Mexico and Central America. Furthermore, they are best suited to warm, sunny locations.

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13. Miltonia Orchids

Miltonia Orchids

Miltonias are orchids that look like miniature trees. They have dark green foliage, and they produce tiny, star-shaped flowers.

Their flowers are often purple, blue, or white. And, they are perfect for hanging baskets. Miltonia is usually sold as potted plants. However, they can also be purchased as seeds.

14. Oncidium Orchids

Oncidium Orchids

Orchids are found in many habitats. Some orchids live in tropical rainforests. Others thrive in deserts. Still, others live in temperate climates.

Some orchids are epiphytes. Epiphytes live on other plants. For instance, orchids may grow on tree branches. Or, they may grow on rocks. 

Other orchids are terrestrial. Terrestrial means living on land. This includes orchids that grow on the ground.

15. Paphiopedlium Orchids

Paphiopedlium Orchids

Paphiopedilums are orchids that come from Southeast Asia. They are popular because of their large size and their unusual shapes. Many paphiopedilums have a central column surrounded by five petals. The petals are colored yellow, orange, red, pink, or violet.

Other Paphiopedilums have more than five petals. Some have up to 20!

16. Phaius Orchids

Phaius Orchids

Phaiuses are orchids that grow in forests. They are sometimes called “rainforest orchids.” Because they are so common, they are easy to find. 

There are three basic types of phaius: Phaius, Phaius, and Phaius. All of these types have thick, leathery leaves. Their flowers are typically yellow, orange, or reddish-orange.

17. Phragmipedium Orchids

Phragmipedium Orchids

Phragmipedias are orchids found in South Africa. They are known for having huge flowers. One species has an enormous flower that covers almost half of its leaf. 

These orchids are also famous for producing a sweet fragrance.

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18. Psychopsis Orchid

Psychopsis Orchid

These orchids are native to Australia and New Zealand. They have long, narrow leaves. Their flowers are also long and narrow. They have two rows of petals. The first row is longer than the second row.

19. Vanda Orchids 

Vanda Orchids 

Vandas are orchids that have been cultivated for thousands of years. They are native to India and China. They are popular because they are easy to care for. 

Furthermore, they need only light, regular watering. The most commonly grown vandas are Vanda orchids. They have bright colors. Most are yellow, pink, or red.

20. Zygopetalum Orchids

Zygopetalum Orchids

Zygopetales are orchids that are native to Madagascar. They are extremely rare. They are known for their beautiful flowers

Each plant produces hundreds of flowers. Zygopetalums are often used in floral arrangements.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor orchids are usually larger than indoor orchids. This means that they require more sunlight and water to survive. 

Most orchids have two leaves. The first leaf looks like an umbrella. It’s called the spathe. The second leaf is shaped like a cup. It’s called the spadix.

Orchids have roots, stems, and petals. Roots anchor the plant in the ground. Stems support the plant above ground. Petals are the colorful parts of the flower. Orchids bloom throughout the year. 

Most orchids bloom only once every few years. Orchids reproduce through seeds. Seeds are produced inside special structures called ovaries. Ovaries are located near the base of the stem.

Overall, these plants are wonderful to keep in your home and gardens! There are a plethora of types, so you can choose the perfect type to suit your preferences.

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