10 Unusual Plants That Start With U (Including Pictures)

Flowers have unquestionably become an important part of human life. Even during times of sorrow and grief, blooms are present in celebrations and special occasions. In some cases, these events are even associated with particular kinds or sets of blooms. In this post, we will learn that blooms are not only for decoration, as you will see from the plants Start with U but also carry deep meaning and unspoken messages.

Plants That Start With U

So, it’s no wonder horticulture has always been popular, if not steadily growing. Also, careers or hobbies in gardening and floristry are always in demand. Flowering plants are at the heart of this work. Flowers are the soul of every garden. Check out these plants that start with U, and you’ll understand why.  

1. Ulex


Botanical Name: Ulex Europaeus

Plant Class: Perennial 

Bloom Time: Year-Round

Ulex plants, or gorse, are native to the Irish landscape and emit a coconut-like aroma. The bloom of these plants is indeed a sight to behold when they are brimming with gorgeous rich yellow flowers!

Moreover, this lovely view is available year-round since Ulex plants bloom all year. Additionally, you’ll find gorse flowers and shoots in teas and salads.

Although dark days may arise from time to time, ulex will always bloom. The bright yellow of the ulex flower signifies joy and celebration.

2. Umbrella Magnolia 

Umbrella Magnolia 

Botanical Name: Magnolia tripetala

Plant Class: Perennial

Bloom Time: Late Spring To Summer

The Umbrella magnolia gets its common name from its spreading foliage. This tree appears to have open umbrella-shaped leaves.

This perennial’s main characteristic is not its umbrella, but its “tripetala,” which refers to its flowers’ three large sepals. The plant’s umbrella-like leaves are topped with snowy blooms.

Magnoilatripetala’s creamy white blooms symbolize protection and the goodness of all things.

3. Upright Virgin’s Bower

Upright Virgin’s Bower

Botanical Name: Clematis Virgiana 

Plant Class: Perenial

Bloom Time: Late Summer

The delicate and sweet-smelling blooms of the Upright Virgin’s bower (or simply Virgin’s bower) resemble tiny stars with their abundant long stamens. You could enrich both your garden’s looks and aromas with this lovely perennial but do note its rampant growth which may take over your other plants!

This climbing vine will spread quickly and aggressively, earning in the meaning of passion and undying devotion. 

 4. Uva-ursi


Botanical Name: Arctostaphylosuva

Plant Class: Perennial

Bloom Time: Summer

The Uva-Ursi, or many people call it bearberry, bloom delicate bell-shaped flowers in shades of pink and white. The name bearberry comes from how many hunters and observers note bears are waking from hibernation and feasting on this flowering plant

Additionally, you’d see bearberry in therapeutic applications as a treatment for urinary tract disorders. 

The blooms of the Uva-ursi are said to represent strength and fortitude. 

5. Ursinia


Botanical Name: Ursiniaanthemoides

Plant Class: Annual

Bloom Time: Spring To Summer And Occasionally Winter

The perfect description for the Ursinia plant is floriferous as it blooms its yellow and orange flowers in abundance. Henc, for guaranteed flowers to feast your eyes upon, consider the Ursinia plant for your garden. Also, they are ideal as border plants, require little water and are tolerant of heat. 

This daily-like flowering plant is native to Africa and named after a German scholar called Johannes Heinrich Ursinus. There are several species of this, around 40 of them.

The Urisinia is labelled as a profound symbol of good gifts, and how the giving of happiness and love serves to multiply these emotions two fold.

6. Uinta-Cactus


Botanical Name: Sclerocactus Glaucus or Scelrocactus Wetlandicus

Plant Class: Perennial

Bloom time: April to May

The Colorado hookless cactus is the most popular name of this rare plant that belongs to the cactus family. This is originally known as the uinta-cactus as it originated from the Uinta Basin, which is located in the northeastern part of Utah.

Aside from its habitat loss in the Uinta Basin, this cylindrical cactus with red, white and bllack spines is now among the threatened species. 

As with most cacti, it has yellow anthers, white or sometimes green filaments, and a vibrant fuschia pink, bell-shaped petals surrounded by thick whitish green sepals.

The cactus makes a good residential outdoor plant as the flowers grow perfectly on the top, Despite this, it only grows on gravelly clay and the area must be stretched and out open. 

The symbolization of this plant is endurance as it can stand up to the test of time and atmospheric elements. It also represents unconditional love due to how difficult the conditions may be.

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7. Urn Plant

Urn Plant

Botanical Name: Aechmea Fasciata

Plant Class: Succulent 

Bloom time: Winter

Also commonly known as silver vase plant, urn plant is a special kind of houseplant as it received the “Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit”.

Native to Brazil, this flowering plant grows best in temperate areas. As it belongs to the bromeliad family , it blooms in full winter for three months, which is considered a long flowering period. Therefore, a perfect blossom to a residential home and could also serve as holiday decor.

As to the suggestion of the name, this plant forms into a reddish pink rosette with small blue or purple tips stretching its spiky, octopus-like bracts. The Urn is associated with luxury, prestige and beauty. 

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8. Ulex-Europaeus 

plants that start with u

Botanical Name: Fabaceae

Plant Class: Terrestrial

Bloom Time: All-Year, Mainly Spring Time

Gorse is a popular name of Ulex-Europeans, but also referred to as whine or Furze. This plant is native to Western Europe, which includes the British Isles, Germany, France Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Ireland. 

The plant is a type of evergreen shrub that produces bright yellow-pea structured flowers. It can grow up to 2 to 3 metres tall and its leaves and shoots turn into green spines reaching from 1 to 3 centimetres long. This coconut scented floral plant has many uses.

The flower buds are edible to be used as capers in salads or vinegar and the shoot tips are made for tea. Additionally, the plant may also contain medicinal properties and can be used as a pesticide. 

This plant is famous to symbolize hope, fertility, and protection and according to some myths, it is an association with the sun and light. 

9. Ulex-Galli And Ulex-Minor

plants that start with u

Botanical name: Fabaceae

Plant class: Terrestrial

Bloom time: All-Year, Mainly Spring Time

Both Ulex-Gallii and Ulex-Minor are relatively similar to Ulex-Eurpaeus, just a smaller version of its flowers. Its most common name is Western gorse or dwarf furze.

It blooms yellow flowers in a pea-like structure, which extends from 1 to 2 centimeters long. Even though they are in consideration as wildflowers or shrubs that thrive mostly in mountainous and forested areas, these can make a great addition to the front and sides of a residential home. 

This flower represents fertility, protection and hope.

10. Ugly Fruit Flower

plants that start with u

Botanical Name: Citrus Paradisi Or Citrus Reticulata

Plant Class: Seasonal

Bloom Time: September To December

Jamaican Tangelo is the name of the tree that produces a yellow and green citrus fruit called as ugly fruit and produces white flowers. As with most trees, the blooming of the flowers indicates the season of fruit harvest.

Unlike the majority of the flowers on this list, there is no known symbolism for this flower. 

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