47 Vibrant Raspberry Flowers (Including Pictures)

Do you have a particular fondness for raspberry red? If you do, you are going to want to check out this list of raspberry red flowers and raspberry pink flowers!

We can’t help but agree – raspberries have a nice color that is elegant, but not too showy. Raspberry is a soft pinkish red that, when added to your garden, can really make your flower bed stand.

Raspberry Flowers

For this reason, we have gone ahead and compiled a full list of raspberry colored flowers from all around the world.

These flowers are a pinkish red, or reddish-pink, in color – perfect if you just so happen to love the bold, warm color of raspberries!

So, without further ado, here is a full list of raspberry red and raspberry pink flowers in alphabetical order, complete with a short description of each flower.

1. Alstroemeria


Astroemia, also known as Peruvian lily and lily of the Incas, is a flowering plant that blooms in a variety of colors, including dark pink and bright red.

2. Anthurium


Anthurium has around 1000 species in total, typically blooming in a soft red color, as well as various shades of pink.

3. Azalea


Azaleas are popular houseplants and gifts that have dark pink or bright red petals, similar to the color of raspberries.

4. Beebalm


Beebalm flowers, native to North America, have pointy outspread petals known for their flagrancy that are either dark pink, light pink, pinkish-red, or scarlet red.

5. Begonia


Begonias are popular gift plants that are widely appreciated for their bright colors. Begonias can be various shades of red, orange, and yellow, but are typically a soft red.

6. Bergamot


Monarda, better known as bergamot, is a fragrant flowering plant that has dark pink, light pink, pinkish-red, or scarlet red petals.

7. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Lamprocapnos spectabilis, or bleeding hearts, have a pinkish-red color similar to raspberries and are named after their heart-shaped petals.

8. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea flowers are known for their bright pink and red flowers, often blooming in a mixture of the two shades, similar to raspberry pink.

9. Camellia


Camellias are beautiful flowers with rosette-shaped heads, typically blooming in shades of pink. There are also red camellias with petals that match the color of raspberry pink.

10. Candytufts


Candytufts are perennial flowers that bloom in white and pink. Many candytufts are dark pink in color with a shade similar to the color of new raspberries.

11. Cardinals


Lobelia cardinalis, better known by their common name cardinals, typically have scarlet red petals, but there are also varieties that are bright pinkish-red in color.

12. Carnations


Carnations (dianthus caryophyllus) or clove pinks are flowering plants native to the Mediterranean, blooming in white as well as various shades of pink and red.

13. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums are popular gift plants due to their eye-catching rosette-style flower heads. Chrysanthemums can be pink or pinkish-red, as well as yellow in color.

14. Clematis


Clematis, also known as leather flower, has around 300 species in total, typically having white, pink, purple, and red flowers in different shades, including raspberry red.

15. Cockscomb


Cockscomb of the amaranth family is an edible flowering plant with bold raspberry pink petals that grow differently depending on the species.

16. Coneflower


Coneflowers are named after their cone-shaped, or shuttlecock-shaped, flower heads that are a dark pink or bold red in color, similar to ripe raspberries.

17. Corydalis


Corydalis flowers make up close to 500 species in total, which can bloom in white, yellow, blue, purple, and a pinkish-red raspberry color.

18. Dahlia


Dahlias are eye-catching flowers loved for their intricate and vibrantly colored flower heads. Dahlias can be raspberry red in color, as well as light pink, light orange, and yellow.

19. Dark Eyes Fuschia

Dark Eyes Fuschia

Dark eyes Fuschia is an eye-catching species of trailing Fuschia that has a mixture of pinkish-red and purple flowers.

20. Dianthus


Dianthus flowers consist of almost 350 species, native to Europe and Asia, known for their vibrant pink petals, which can be light pink as well as reddish-pink.

21. Geranium


Geraniums, or crane’s bill, are native to the eastern Mediterranean, having colorful pink or red flowers. There are also white geranium petals with raspberry pink centers.

22. Gladiolus


Gladiolus flowers, sometimes called sword lilies, come in various colors, some with bright pinkish-red petals that resemble the color of raspberries.

23. Gloxinia


Gloxinia is a popular houseplant (often given as a gift) due to its presentable pinkish red – or dark purple – flowers that sit on a bed of leaves, sometimes with petals that have white edges.

24. Hellebores


Hellebores make up around 20 species of flowering plants, recognizable by their dulled, darkish petals that can be dark raspberry pink, purple, or purplish-blue.

25. Hyacinth


Hyacinths are eye-catching white, raspberry pink, purple, or lilac-blue flowers known for their upright, duster-shaped flower heads.

26. Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are easily recognizable by their rounded rosette flower heads that bloom in various shades of blue, purple, and pink, including dark pink.

27. Impatiens


Impatiens, or touch-me-nots, typically bloom in pink and red, sometimes with a reddish-pink hue that resembles that color of raspberries.

28. Iris


Iris flowers, named after the Greek goddess, have mostly purple flowers. There are, however, irises with dark pink and wine red petals similar to the color of raspberries.

29. Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geranium

Ivy geraniums have a very raspberry-like color, blooming in bold shades of pinkish red and bright red. Geraniums are popular outdoor plants displayed in hanging baskets.

30. Moss Rose

Moss Rose

Moss roses are native to Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, sometimes called rose moss or sun rose. Moss roses bloom in various shades, including raspberry red and raspberry pink colors.

31. Nasturtium


Nasturtium, which also goes by the name Tropaeolum, has around 80 species in total, blooming in yellow and orange, as well as pink, red, and reddish-pink.

32. Peony


Peonies are popular pink rosette flowers, native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America, which can bloom with dark pink, as well as wine red, flowers.

33. Periwinkle


Periwinkles, native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, are typically purple and pink in color. There are also scarlet red periwinkle flowers that have a pinkish hue.

34. Petunia


Petunias consist of 20 species native to South America, mostly having raspberry pink, raspberry red, or purple petals. Some petunias have petals with white edges, making them more appealing.

35. Primrose


Primroses are loved for their bright colors, blooming in white, yellow, orange, pink, blue, and red. Because of this, there are many primroses that are raspberry pink or red in color.

36. Protea


Protea, also known as sugarbush, is a flowering plant native to South Africa with sharp petals that can be a deep red, as well as a light pink, raspberry color.

37. Rhododendron


Rhododendrons consist of over 1000 species, most of which are pink or red in color. Shades of rhododendrons include light pink, as well as dark pink, and raspberry red.

38. Rose


Roses, while most popular as red flowers, bloom in different hues, including pinkish red, raspberry pink, light pink, and white.

39. Rose Campion

Rose Campion

Rose campions do not share the same appearance as traditional roses. The colors, however, are similar, flowering in raspberry red and raspberry pink.

40. Sage Wendy Wish

Sage Wendy Wish

Sage “Wendy wish” flowers, part of the Salvia family of sage, have unique drooping flower heads that bloom in a bright raspberry pink color.

41. Snapdragon


Snapdragons are vertical-growing flowering plants that have yellow, white, pink, or red petals, with many snapdragons having a dark red or dark pink raspberry color.

42. Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Lathyrus odoratus, more commonly known as sweet pea, is a flower with unique, dainty petals that bloom in various shades of purple, red, and pink, including raspberry pink.

43. Sweet William

Sweet William

Dianthus barbatus, or sweet william, flowers have a reddish-pink color that is very similar to raspberries, sometimes blooming with white edges.

44. Tulip


Tulips are popular gift flowers, often given as romantic gestures like roses, that bloom in colors of light pink, raspberry pink, bright red, and yellow.

45. Verbena


Verbena flowers are typical purple but do have variations with dark red and dark pink flowers, resembling the warm color of raspberries.

46. Yarrow


Archillea millefolium, better known as yarrow, is a flowering plant native to Asia, North America, and Europe, sometimes blooming with deep raspberry red petals.

47. Zinnia


Zinnia flowers have eye-catching rosettes that are yellow, pink, or red – sometimes a mixture of these, creating a dark raspberry pink or raspberry red color.


And that’s it: a full list of raspberry flowers – raspberry red and raspberry pink – from all around the world. Raspberry is a warm color that is elegant without being too showy, which just so happens to be one of the best colors you can add to your garden.

We hope you found a raspberry-colored flower that caught your eye. And if you love raspberry pink and raspberry flowers, make sure to save this list of raspberry color flowers for future reference!

Morgan Daniels