24 Awesome Scarlet Flowers (Including Pictures)

Scarlet is a bright red color with hints of orange. The book ‘The Scarlet Letter’, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, about a woman who was forced to wear the letter A on her forehead for Adultery, and the Scarlet Woman of Revelations give a good idea of the sort of behavior often associated with the color scarlet.

Scarlet Flowers

Scarlet is also said to represent the blood of Christ and Christian martyrs and is used for the clothing of Cardinals in the Catholic Church. Linked to religion, dedication, and sacrifice, scarlet is also associated with warmth, energy, confidence and passion. (see https://designs.ai/colors/color-meanings/scarlet).

Bold and vivid, scarlet flowers impact the senses. The color is undoubtedly gorgeous. Scarlet flowers make the garden come alive. In floral bouquets, scarlet flowers stand out like fire on a stormy night. Let’s have a look at some of these fiery beauties!

1. Red Salvia, Scarlet Sage, Blood Sage Or Scarlet Salvia (Salvia Coccinea Or Salvia Splendens)

Scarlet Flowers

Often seen as a symbol of fidelity, red salvia is popular for weddings. A Brazilian plant, red salvia flowers are striking as bedding plants or as edging plants.Scarlet Sage produces a mound of red tubular flowers that draw the eye.

The blooms also draw butterflies and hummingbirds. Scarlet Sage is an herb; a perennial plant that adds color and vibrancy to the garden. They serve as vertical accents in container gardens. Salvia is a member of the mint family.

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2. Carnation

Scarlet Flowers

Glorious and graceful, the expressive red carnation is the perfect flower for showing admiration. The carnation, with its divine fluffy flowers, has been called the ‘Flower of the Gods’.

One of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world, the Carnation was discovered all the way back in Ancient Greek and Roman times by Theophrastus, who was one of the first recognized botanists.

3. Yarrow (Achillaea Fanal) The Beacon 

Scarlet Flowers

This is a medicinal plant that has been considered a source of spiritual and physical protection for a long time. The clusters of bold crimson blooms with yellow centers, on top of aromatic grey-green foliage, are eye-catching. These blooms add beauty to any garden or floral arrangement.

4. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

Scarlet Flowers

The red Amaryllis is said to represent determination, pride and radiant beauty. It was named after a Greek woman who exhibited these characteristics. The flamboyant blooms of amaryllis cannot help but stir the blood and make you feel better. Remember, though, that the Amaryllis is poisonous to cats and dogs.

5. Avebury Crimson Poppy (Papaver Orientale)

Scarlet Flowers

The Poppy has medicinal uses and can be edible. The red  poppy is often seen as a symbol of remembrance and lively imagination. Prized for its large and luscious flowers, this Oriental Avebury Poppy is a popular choice.

6. Red Tulip

Scarlet Flowers

Always quick to bloom as soon as Spring comes round, these gorgeous tulips are said to represent rebirth and are used to celebrate everlasting love.

7. Hibiscus Giant Red

Scarlet Flowers

This huge beauty of a bloom is fully exotic and exuberant. Hummingbirds love them so, if you happen to have any hummingbirds about, you can enjoy the sheer beauty of a wonderful bird and plant together. It makes a striking deciduous border shrub with its bronze tinged foliage.

8. Ranunculus Scarlet

Scarlet Flowers

A red Ranunculus symbolizes charm and attractiveness in many cultures. The Ranunculus is also known as Persian Buttercup or Coyote’s Eyes. With red ruffled petals on tall upright stems, these flowers add dimension and glamour wherever they are.

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9. Fusilier Tulip (Tulipa Praestans)

Scarlet Flowers

This is a red species tulip that is wondrously vibrant. The slightly up reaching pointed petals and the pale green leaves, rimmed in an even paler green, combine to make this a very pretty plant

The Scarlet Flower

10. Scarlet Peony (Paeonia Anomala) 

Scarlet Flowers

The ferny foliage of this lovely red peony adds to its overall impact and ensures it enlivens its surroundings.

11. Chicago Apache Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Scarlet Flowers

With yellow centers and red petals that are slightly fringed at the edges, this Daylily is beautiful in gardens and floral displays.

12. Red Sunflower (Helianthus) Earth Walker

Scarlet Flowers

Known as a happy flower, the red sunflower is vibrant and jazzy. Colors such as terracotta, brick red, burnt sienna and the odd coppery bronze are all to be found in this group of Sunflowers.

13. Red Pentas

Scarlet Flowers

This plant is also known as the Egyptian Star Cluster and Star Flower, and grows in vibrantly colored clusters. Works very well in flower borders or for containers.

The flower has a compact mounding habit and produces clusters of star-shaped flowers rich in nectar, attracting birds, butterflies and other pollinators.

14. Dahlia Bishop Of Llandaff

Scarlet Flowers

One look at the design of the blooms and you know this is a very precise and perfect bloom. The red Dahlia is seen as a symbol of commitment, and is often used at events celebrating the following of a unique path. Dahlia ‘Bishop of Llandaff’ is one of the best single types available. The attractive bronze-tinged foliage is a bonus.

15. Benjamin Franklin Peony

Scarlet Flowers

A symbol of honor, good fortune and a happy relationship, red peonies are often seen at engagements or marriages. The Benjamin Franklin Peony has a crimson red double bloom with a light fragrance. It’s a perfect perennial garden plant.

16. Gaillardia Aristata Or Arizona Red Shades

Scarlet Flowers

Known as the Blanket Flower, gaillardias make unique centerpieces. The warm color palette is positive and lively. The Arizona Red Shades produces masses of large, crimson red blossoms. The short, compact size and uniformity of the blooms is perfect for pot production.

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17. Obsession Crimson Verbena

Scarlet Flowers

Verbenas work well in celebrations where personality shines.

18. Lycoris Red Spider Lily

Scarlet Flowers

A very decorative flower with curly blooms that is definitely eye-catching. In Japan, it is used for afterlife celebrations. The Lycoris is a relative of the Amaryllis and is also easy to grow indoors. Growing from a bulb, this exotic lily grows well in a pot.

19. Marigold Dwarf French

Scarlet Flowers

Marigolds promote cheer and good relations. Red marigolds are often associated with graduations and other situations, where encouragement is needed for someone working to reach their potential.

20. Red Trumpet Creeper

Scarlet Flowers

Tubular red flowers bloom from this climbing vine. The flowers make magnificent centerpieces and aisle decor. The shrub climbs with clinging roots, and, with a little support, grows well around a pergola, arch or wires.

21. Anthurium

Scarlet Flowers

A tropical, heart-shaped flower, which is also known as Lace Leaf. It is thought to represent happiness and hospitality. The lace effect of the bloom is stylish and noticeable.

22. Garden View Scarlet Bee Balm

Scarlet Flowers

The scarlet bee balm flower is a member of the mint family. It gives off an aromatic scent that is commonly used in fragrances. It symbolizes prosperity and offers protection from evil and illness. A clump forming perennial with vibrant red flowers that form dense globular heads.

23. Frankly Scarlet Coneflower

Scarlet Flowers

The Coneflower is seen as a symbol of strength and healing. The flowers are edible and can be found in salads, herbal teas and garnishes. Frankly Scarlet is a scarlet orange with bright green foliage. A new perennial hybrid, Frankly Scarlet flowers are robust.

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24. Echinecaea Hot Papaya 

Scarlet Flowers

A particularly attractive double Coneflower with large fragrant blooms. The papaya pm pom central cone is striking.

And Finally

Have you fallen for the color scarlet after seeing such beautiful scarlet flowers? Many have, and scarlet flowers will always be a popular choice for gardens and floral displays. To tone the vibrancy of scarlet down, scarlet flowers are often mixed with more neutral colors.

If it’s a fiery display you are after, then add some dusky rose colored blooms and other warm colors to enrich the floral flames!

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