About Us

Nature is one of life’s most significant gifts, and we are blessed to live harmoniously alongside it. Nature can creep into your life in more ways than one, and I want to show you how.

Hi, my name is Yulia and I have been an avid plant lover and gardener for years. 

It all began in college when my collection of houseplants and cacti became my prized possession. I noticed how my mood was boosted simply from being around houseplants and wanted to take it one step further.

After my husband and I purchased our first home in Florida, we turned our passion and expertise into a nursery and landscaping business - Naturalist Nursery & Landscape Design.

PS. I'm the one with the black t-shirt, and we are picking fruit with my children and a friend.

My Mission and Goals

During the 2020 lockdown, my husband and I decided to rethink our lifestyle and become more self-sufficient and connected with nature. We developed a homestead, began growing our own food, and became connected to nature.

We purchased a 10-acre plot of land in Venice, Florida, and began working on the land.

The pandemic was difficult on all of us, and gardening helped our state of mind and benefited us in more ways than one. Houseplants and gardening have been proven to relieve stress and improve mood, which is exactly what we need!

We planted trees, grass, and much more for those first few months, getting to grips with our new lifestyle. There was plenty to relearn about what worked best with Florida’s climate.

We then remodeled our home into a modern farmhouse, incorporating nature into the design through houseplants and home decor. We experimented with plenty of houseplants to find what worked best for each space. Again, we found that the presence of houseplants boosted our mood and improved our mental health.

Once settled, we decided to open Naturalist Nursery & Landscape Design and sell the plants we grew, focusing on bromeliads, tropical plants native to Florida, bonsai, and other houseplants. We wanted to share the amazing benefits of plants with everyone.

We are currently working on the logistics to begin shipping our plants nationwide!

Why Trust Me?

After our drastic lifestyle change, we learned a whole lot and became much more self-sufficient. Our kids now love the outdoors and being in nature, and we have changed our lives for the better!

Although we have undergone many changes, there’s no stopping here! We’re currently in the process of building a greenhouse so that we can grow our food all year round.

Every day comes with more lessons to be learned and more exciting things to experience. Now we’re sharing our journey through houseplant growing, gardening, and running a successful nursery from our homestead. 

I’m passionate about helping others find inner peace and happiness through the simplicity of growing plants. There’s nothing like seeing something you’ve planted grow from a seed into a thriving plant!

Nature is an integral part of our lives, so I hope that you’ll follow along with us and take some inspiration with you!