Image Credit

We at Naturallist take our commitment to authenticity and transparency seriously. It extends to all aspects of our platform, including the intellectual content we feature, such as images, screenshots, videos, and photos.

These creative works are the intellectual property of their respective creators, and we strive to maintain the utmost respect for their rights and ownership.

Our selection of content is a carefully curated process. We ensure strict adherence to established rules and legal standards, including principles like Fair Use, which permits these materials’ educational and informational use.

Our policy is to consistently provide credit to the original creators of these intellectual works. This practice upholds their rights and reinforces our responsibility to acknowledge their contributions.

It’s important to mention that Naturallist does not claim ownership of the rights associated with these intellectual properties, including copyrights and trademarks.

These rights will remain with their creators. We employ these materials with explicit permission or in compliance with legal provisions, specifically within the provision of Fair Use.

We hold a deep regard for the rights of these content creators. If you believe your work has been used to infringe upon your rights, we encourage you to contact us. Our commitment is to address any concerns promptly and ensure compliance with established rules and principles.

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