Flower Power: 27 Different Types Of Hibiscus Flowers

The hibiscus flower has long been associated with tropical climates and warm weather. This plant was originally cultivated in Ancient Egypt and Greece. Today, Types of hibiscus flowers are grown around the world and are commonly found in gardens and parks.

There are several varieties of hibiscus flowers. They come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Some of them are fragrant, some are not. There are also hybrid varieties that combine characteristics of both species. 

In this article, we will be discussing various different types of hibiscus flowers that you could be growing in your own garden.

1. Aphrodite

Types of hibiscus flowers

Aphrodite grows up to 8 ft long and 6 ft wide, but you can trim her down. The blooms produce four-inch pale pink petals with a red star-like eye that will catch your eye. A hardy, and unfussy plant that will tolerate drought for a short period.

2. Black Dragon

Black Dragon

Black Dragons are very dramatic burgundy flowers with a central eye dotting each petal. They can grow to around 8 to 10 inches tall in containers or in the ground.

These are sensitive plants that are known to die suddenly due to overwatering. It enjoys well-draining soil and needs to be pruned to keep them under control. 

3. Hawaiian Sunset

Hawaiian Sunset plant

Hawaiian Sunset is an exotic flower with a brilliant red center and a wide range of colors around it including yellow, orange, white, and pink.

This flower has long green leaves and grows up to 4 to 6 feet tall. Constantly blooming as long as it has rich, well-drained, and moist soil with full sunlight. 

4. Cranberry Crush

Cranberry Crush

Cranberry Crush produces vibrant red, slightly ruffled blooms all along the long stems. Bright green foliage alongside bold red blooms that will grace your garden from the middle of the summer throughout fall. 

5. Blush


Six to 10-inch flower blooms that will add some suitable color to your garden. Its delicate pink petals are set off by large, deep crimson eyes that almost seem to bleed color, against the backdrop of red wine-colored foliage.

The blooms will appear in the summer through to fall, while the foliage will die in the winter but come back in the spring.

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6. Painted Lady

_Teak And Terracotta Philodendron Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is considered a classic when it comes to hibiscus flowers. Large 8 inch pink to red blooms with faded white veins towards the bold red center.

This plant loves moist soil, but don’t overwater this plant either as that can damage it. Ideal for containers to add an exotic splash of color to your garden. 

7. Honeymoon Red F1

Honeymoon Red F1

Honeymoon Red is a dwarf shrub, ideal for pots, that grows between two and three feet tall. The plant produces large, deep red flowers around a white center.

This variety makes an eye-catching statement considering its small size. 

8. Blue Chiffon

Blue Chiffon

Pale violet-blue petals and a lace-like purple-red eye. This plant will draw your eye. The typical stamen is covered by inner petals.

This plant will grace your garden from the middle of summer towards fall, if only as it receives well-draining soil and full sunlight. 

9. Berry Awesome

Berry Awesome

Berry Awesome produces 7 to 8 inches, slightly ruffled blooms in vivid pink, with a crimson eye. Their dark green foliage provides the perfect backdrop for this huge bloom that will grace your garden throughout summer.

10. Blue Satin

Blue satin

Blue Satin produces bright blue petals and fades into a lighter shade near the center, towards the magenta eye.

The plant is an upright shrub that grows up to 8′ tall and 4′ wide, making it a great choice for hedges. It grows quickly and hard to Zone 5. 

11. Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie looks great as an accent in containers, or you could grow it to add interest to your borders. The four-inch lavender-blue double bloom alongside bright green foliage looks very attractive in any garden. The blooms will develop and stay with you in the summer until fall. 

12. Luna Pink Swirl

Luna Pink Swirl

This plant has soft, pink flowers that fade to creamy white. Ideal for borders, or to be used as a specimen plant. This fast-growing variety is drought tolerant, hardy to zone 5.

13. Lord Baltimore

Lord Baltimore

Bold, ruffled crimson petals that slightly overlap with a small white eye. These plants will grow to around 4 to 5 in height. Due to its height, it’s ideal to be placed at the back of any borders in your garden. 

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14. Mars Madness

Mars Madness

Mars Madness is easy to care for and produces a lot of fuchsia blooms with a red eye. This variety is considered a late bloomer and will bloom near the end of summer until the first frost. Ideal to grow in zone 4, this plant likes full sunlight, but it is cold tolerant.

15. El Capitolio

El Capitolio

El Capitolio is known as the poodle flower, due to another flower growing out of the stamen. It has bright green foliage with vivid red flowers. The flowers bloom throughout the year and can be used as an accent plant, hedge, or borders.

16. Pink Chiffon

Pink Chiffon

Pink Chiffon produces a double flower with bright pink petals and deep crimson streaks. It grows to be about 8 to 12 feet tall and 4 to 6 feet wide. Pink chiffon prefers to grow in Blooming from mid-summer to late fall.

17. Red Heart

Red Heart

Snowy white flowers with red eyes frame the white stamen. This plant can grow up to 10 ft tall pruned into a tree form or allowed to grow wild. It requires full sunlight and moist soil. 

18. Seminole Pink

Types of hibiscus flowers

Bubblegum pink petals have a bold red center that fades into the pink petals. This plant can reach a mature height of around 12 feet, but can be pruned to suit your garden needs. 

19. Sugar Tip

Types of hibiscus flowers

Sugar Tip is a very popular choice due to its unique leaf pattern. The pale pink double blooms will be around 4 inches wide and will bloom from summer through fall. This is considered a semi-dwarf variety that makes it an excellent choice for containers. 

20. Lil Kim

Types of hibiscus flowers

Lil Kim will grow beautiful three-inch flowers that have delicate white petals and large magenta eyes that spread deep red veins on the pure white petals. If you are limited on space, then this variety will be ideal for you. Perfect for pots and require full sunlight and well-draining soil. 

21. Minerva


Dark green foliage companies pale pink to lavender petals with a red center, and white stamen. It is easy to grow and needs full sun and well-draining soil. 

22. Purple Pillar

Purple Pillar

Purple Pillar produces semi-double purple blooms with big red centers that extend halfway up the outer petals.

These flowers have a windswept look but can grow to around 15 feet in height. Perfect as an accent plant by an entrance or in containers. You only really need to prune it to stop it from growing too tall.

23. Eye Of Kali

Types of hibiscus flowers

Eye of Kali will add a tropical look to your garden due to its golden yellow blooms and large pink to red center. More suited for zone 9 or above, but they don’t enjoy frost. A beautiful and eye-catching border or pot plant, that will add bright color and butterflies to your garden. 

24. Fiesta

Types of hibiscus flowers

Speaking of vibrant, Fiesta has bold crinkled orange blooms that have a golden border. The bold red center slowly finds a pale pink halo on the bottom of the petals. Once bloomed the flowers will only last three days, they are perfect for your border or containers when you want to add some more color. 

25. Starry Starry Night

Types of hibiscus flowers

Flowers bloom in early spring, and this plant is great for attracting bees and butterflies. The bloom produces bright pink hues on the white petals that swirl around the plant towards the center towards the darker pink eye. Easy to grow and requires little care as it grows up to four feet tall and wide.

26. Lucy

Types of hibiscus flowers

Rose pink double petals, these four-inch flowers look beautiful alongside their bold green foliage. These flowers will bloom from summer and through to fall, adding some color to your garden as the weather begins to get colder. This variety can be pruned into a small tree or hedge.

27. Midnight Marvel

Types of hibiscus flowers

Scarlet red petals bloom out of almost black buds. Each bloom is around 8 inches wide due to the large petals and the plant will ground to around 4 feet in height. Ideal for zone 4, as long as you protect the ground from frost during the first year after being planted. 

Final Thoughts

Hibiscus flowers are a very popular choice of flowers to have in the garden. They can add that extra pop of color in various places. Some varieties can be used as a border, while others can become hedges or just planted as potted plants. 

There are various species of this plant to choose from. We have only touched upon a small selection of these beautiful plants. However, you may have just found the perfect hibiscus plant that should be in your garden. 

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