14 Gorgeous Seashell Flowers (Including Photos)

The natural beauty of seashells is second to none, but have you ever heard of seashell flowers?

Seashell Flowers

Whether you love the seaside or want to give your garden a refresh, if you’re looking to learn more about flowers that resemble or are the same color as seashells, then look no further.

In this article, I will cover a variety of flowers that resemble seashells. So, next time you’re wanting to plant new flowers in your garden, you have plenty of inspiration at your disposal.

Let’s get into it.

Cosmos Bipinnatus ‘Seashells’ 

Cosmos Bipinnatus

Cosmos bipinnatus ‘seashells’, also known as cosmos, are a half hardy annual. These flowers owe their name to their interesting fluted petals, each rolled round a tube, similar to that of a seashell.

These flowers bloom abundantly all throughout the summer until the first frost arrives. They come in a range of different colors, from pastel colors of pink, rose, white, and crimson on tall, bushy plants with delightful lacy fern-like foliage

For the best results, cosmos ‘seashells’ require to be planted in moist but well-drained soil, in full sun. It’s important that you deadhead any spent blooms to help prolong the blooming season.

Cosmos ‘seashells’ are an excellent addition to your garden for attracting butterflies, bees, and hoverflies, and both its foliage and flowers make lovely additions to flower arrangements when cut.

Cochliasanthus Caracalla 

Cochliasanthus Caracalla 

Cochliasanthus caracalla, also known as the corkscrew vine, is a perennial vine that produces distinctive corkscrew flowers and is a part of the pea family.

The non-fragrant, invasive flowers are said to have snail or snail-shell shaped flowers, hence the origin of the common name that this vine goes by, snail vine.

These flowers typically bloom in late summer or autumn, usually from July through to October, gracing your yard with its unique blooms.

This vine makes a good climbing plant for vertical landscaping and green walls, and it’s stunning flowers are sure to steal the show any time you’re enjoying time in your backyard!

Flowers Similar To The Color Of Seashells


Plumeria  Seashell Flowers

Plumeria, more commonly known as the frangipani, is a tropical native plant that has sweetly fragrant flowers that are a lovely addition to flower displays and borders.

The height of the fragrance of plumerias is given off at night time in order to encourage sphinx moths to pollinate each flower. That being said, the flowers don’t contain nectar, therefore the flowers trick the pollinators in their search for nectar.

These flowers come in a variety of different colors, from yellow, to pink, to white. White plumeria look very similar to a seashell.

Plumeria will tolerate most soils but will not tolerate sodden soil so you will need to make sure that you plant this flower in well-draining soil.


Camellia  Seashell Flowers

Camellia is a flowering plant that is native to eastern and southern Asia. This flower come in various shades of pink, red, and white, which are the most similar to seashells. 

When choosing which variety, you can also choose from six types of blooms: single, semi-double, peony, anemone, rose form double, and formal double.

The blooming period for camellias can vary significantly depending on the species that you choose. Some bloom in the spring, fall, or even winter in mild climates.


Anemone Seashell Flowers

The anemone is a flowering plant in the buttercup family native to the subtropical regions of all continents except Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica.

Anemones are commonly referred to as windflowers, and come in blooms of red, white, blue, and purple. The white variety not only looks stunning, but can also be compared to the color of a seashell.

For these flowers to thrive, they need to be planted somewhere where they have access to full sun or dappled-shade. These flowers will generally begin to flower in the spring but some varieties also flower in the autumn.

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

The calla lily is an easy to grow perennial that is perfect for borders and flower displays, as well as being an indoor favorite.

Calla Lillies flower from early to late summer on sturdy upright stems. Many calla lilies are tender, meaning that they don’t cope well with frost. However, the white calla lily is hardier and can be grown outside in mild climates.

They have large, exotic-looking blooms that are now available in a wide range of colors, including white, yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, and black. The white calla lily is stunning and looks similar to the color of many seashells.

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The tulip is a perennial that blooms in spring time, and they often have different colored blotches at the base of the bloom.

The blooms of tulips can be single, double, ruffled, fringed, or lily-shaped, depending on which variety you opt for. 

Tulips are known for their bright, happy colors that are sure to brighten up your garden, and your day! They come in a range of different colors, from red, to yellow, orange, and purple, as well as white. 

If you’re looking for a flower that is a similar color to a seashell, then the white tulip is a gorgeous flower to check out!


Gardenia Seashell Flowers

Gardenias are a flowering plant native to tropical and subtropical regions in Asia, Africa, Madagascar and Pacific Islands and Australia.

Gardenias are loved for their intoxicating fragrance and attractive, creamy-white flowers which are a similar color to seashells. 

These flowers require full sun to light shade in order to thrive. Although they prefer full sun, there is a risk that they can scorch during the hotter summer months, meaning that they also appreciate part shade during summer or when grown in hotter climates.

If you’re looking to brighten up your garden, these stunning flowers bloom all throughout the summer, providing your outdoor space with a lovely aroma.



Carnations are a fragrant flower that are native to the Mediterranean, and are given to express love and fascination.

For the most impressive blooms, carnations require well-draining soil and full sun in order to thrive. Numerous cultivars have many uses. Historically, their fragrance was historically used for vinegar, beer, wine, many different sauces as well as salad.

The blooms of carnations are usually pink-purple. However, other color variations include red, white, yellow, blue and green, along with some white with colored striped variations. These white varieties of carnations are similar to seashells and are a lovely addition to any backyard.



Hibiscus flowers are a stunning tropical flower. The yellow hibiscus flower is Hawaii’s state flower, and many species of hibiscus are native to Hawaii. 

Hibiscus flowers can be found in numerous colors, including white, which looks very similar to the color of a seashell. Other colors include shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, and multicolor hibiscus flowers.

Growing hibiscus is like stepping onto a tropical island, and the flowers can even be made into a delicious hibiscus tea.

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Iris Seashell Flowers

Irises are a showy perennial plant which owe their name to the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.

Many irises bloom from spring to early summer, usually in May to June, making a wonderful addition to garden borders that are in dire need of a pop of color. Their blooms come in all sorts of colors, from blue, to striking purple, mauve, chocolate, orange, pink, red, yellow, bicolors, and of course, white!

With over 200 species of the iris in a variety of different colors, you really can’t go wrong with these beautiful flowers.



Eustoma, or lisianthus, is a small genus in the gentian family. Native to warm regions of America, Mexico, the Caribbean and northern South America.

These flowers are either single-flowered or double-flowered, and come in numerous shades from pink, purple, blue, and white. The white is a great choice if you’re looking for a flower that is a similar color to a seashell.

There are a number of different varieties of lisianthus that vary in size. From 20 to 90 cm tall, and dwarf varieties that only grow up to 200 mm in height.



Peonies are a lovely flower that are highly popular when it comes to wedding bouquets and flower displays.

The blooming season for peonies typically lasts from April until early June. But May is when the flowers are at their best and have fully flourished.

Peonies are available in a wide range of colors, from pink to Fuchsia, yellow, to white. Making them a wonderful addition to any flower bed.


Magnolia  Seashell Flowers

Magnolias are a hardy flower that are relatively low maintenance and easy to grow once established.

Magnolias prefer to be in full sun or light shade, in well-draining soil. White magnolias also look similar to the color of seashells.

The flowers bloom in spring and summer, bringing a wonderful fragrance to your garden.

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In Summary

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of which flowers look like seashells as well as flowers that are similar to the color of seashells.

Although there aren’t many flowers that resemble seashells, there is a much broader variety of flowers that are the same color as seashells.

Have fun choosing flowers for your garden!

Morgan Daniels